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Closure of beloved Toronto patty joint inspires genuinely awesome song

The tastebud-having and nostalgia-loving people of Toronto are seriously bummed this week over the impending closure of Randy's — a beloved local restaurant known for its delicious, oh-so-flaky, oh-so-golden Jamaican patties. 

News of the patty joint's closure broke unexpectedly on Wednesday night after a Randy's staffer confirmed to blogTO that Saturday, Feb. 26, would be the last day in operation at their longtime location on Eglinton West.

Hearts broke everywhere as word spread that Toronto could be losing one of its very best patty providers forever after more than 43 years of service.

Word spread so fast that, within hours of the news going live, none other than Drake offered on Instagram to save Randy's from closure: "I'll buy Randy's right now," wrote the homegrown superstar on an IG post about the situation.

It's not yet clear if Drake was serious (though we all know he's got the cash for it), nor if the owners of Randy's would even sell their life's work to champagnepapi. They're not in a place to consider it yet, according to an interview aired on KiSS 92.5 Friday morning.

Speaking with The Roz & Mocha Show's Damnit Maurie, the restaurant's manager revealed today that he had heard from several people regarding a potential Drake takeover (including one who apparently represents the artist.)

"I'm not really at liberty to discuss this right now," he said of the matter. "We haven't even started any real discussion or discourse yet amongst ourselves, much less with anybody else."

The manager also suggested that Randy's might not be closing permanently — that it could come back, somewhere down the line, in another form, after the owners "take a step back."

Still, as confirmed by the manager himself, Randy's as it has existed since 1979 will cease to exist tomorrow.

Lineups, already a regular fixture outside the Little Jamaica restaurant, have been enormous in recent days and are expected to stay that way until the very last patty is served.

One silver lining to the whole situation? A hilarious and perfectly Torontonian elegy for the beloved store.

Penned and performed by Shem from The Roz & Mocha Show, the song in question aired live on the air this morning after the aforementioned interview, but can also be found on Instagram

Heck, it's so delightful that I wouldn't be surprised if it starts climbing the charts on Spotify soon.

I'm not just saying this because blogTO is mentioned on the track (ha), it's genuinely great. Drake should put it on his next album. Shem did beat him to the punch, after all, and he did it beautifully.

"This is my story… about beef patties… Toronto story… about beef patties," Shem sings before a catchy beat drops. "I remember those days when I would go home, from the west end all the way to Scarborough, and I never did care if I went alone, when my belly would rumble it's time to go."

"Randy's been a staple in toronto, and you know Eglinton West has been its home, I remember eating patty with bread that's coco, now I hear it is closed and that's a no no," the song continues.

 "When I first heard the news it was on blogTO, I could not believe it, thought it was a joke, but Drake done step up now for Toronto, said he put money to it, so it don't close."

"Summertime, spring time, and in the snow, Randy's always had a lineup right out the door, for 43 years its been the place to go, if it close I would feel real low. ME SAY RANDY!"

Shem goes on to lament that we've got to save Randy's before it shuts down — that it can't be replaced (no disrespect to the other bakeries.) 

Should tomorrow really be the last day for this iconic Little Jamaica institution, at least everyone will be able to blare Shem's instant classic in their ears forever. It'll also be helpful for explaining the cultural impact of those hot, hand-made Randy's patties to future generations of Toronto residents.

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Hector Vasquez

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