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Randy's Patties explains why they've decided to close after 40 years in Toronto

After telling people verbally visiting the store on Patty Day that they would be closing, Randy's in Toronto has now put out an official statement explaining why.

"Due to a variety of issues, including years of endless Metrolinx construction, 2 years of C**ID, labour shortages, and aging owners, we have decided to close our doors and re-evaluate our next steps going forward," reads a statement posted to Instagram.

The statement confirms the earlier closure date that had been given verbally, Saturday, Feb. 26.

The statement didn't respond to Drake's offer to buy the restaurant, which he made via social media comment within hours of the news becoming public.

Drake wasn't the only one to take notice of Randy's closing as news spread on Patty Day. It's the end of an era for many people.

There are lots of comments on the closure statement from other restaurants, former BIA members, influencers and locals, especially saying they've been the best place for patties and thanking them for how delicious they were.

"As someone who worked for the BIA years ago, I can say the community was BLESSED to have your presence," wrote one person.

"Not only were you a landmark establishment, but also an anchor businesses. Other businesses in the area made money because of your presence. It's a HUGE loss. Big up to Michelle and Toni same way. This is most heartbreaking news I've received in a while. I hope somehow this iconic establishment can be saved."

Someone else predicted in the comments that the last few days of the week are going to be crazy at Randy's considering they dropped the news without much notice.

"Now that you made it official the next two days of business for you guys is going to be wild," the wrote. "I don't even think you're going to make it to Saturday."

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