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Toronto is obsessing over the outrageous footlong soft serve at this new ice cream joint

New and elaborate ice cream has taken the city by storm this summer and there seems to always be a new scoop to try. From hard to get flavours, Japanese sundaes and now footlong soft serve. 

Located in Unionville, The Milkman Creamery is serving ice cream cones with 14 levels of soft serve.

The grand opening was Friday and the soft open was July 21. 

They are currently serving the flavours mango and raspberry. The flavours change every two weeks and are made using 100% fruit puree. The flavours are announced at the beginning of every new cycle and kept as a secret until then. 

C0-owners of Yosh.TO Julia Park and Chef Linh Vu, are constantly thinking of wild food concepts and how they can serve their creations to Torontonians.

They frequently set up a booth in night markets and festivals. Previous food creations have been blowtorch sushi, ice cream burritos, pho soup dumplings, bubble tea pancakes and Korean hot dogs ... just to name a few.

"We always striving to come up with something fun and engaging for customers," said Park. 

The Milkman Creamery is located at 8339 Kennedy Rd., Unit 2157 in Langham Square Mall. 

The footlong soft serve cone costs $10. 

Cherry on top, it's free if you can finish it in under a minute. There has been 5 hungry winners so far.  

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Milkman Creamery

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