French fry sandwich

You can now get a French fry sandwich in Toronto and it's only $1 this weekend

Ever put fries on a sandwich? Well, this weekend in Toronto one restaurant is making them the main event in a new wrap they've created, and it'll be available for just $1.

Mooring Eats is offering the deal on Aug. 1, on a toasted saj bread wrap stuffed with fries, coleslaw, pickles and garlic sauce. If you're the kind of person that thinks the sides are the most exciting thing on your plate, this might be the sandwich for you.

It's the restaurant's first time ever adding a new item to the menu, and the price drop is a pretty big deal as it's normally going to be sold for $8.49.

The wrap is actually a common street food in Syria. Mooring Eats aims to bring recipes from Syria to Toronto, with shawarma and falafel on their menu as well.

"This wrap comes directly from our city, Latakia in Syria. It was a very common street food during my childhood where I used to buy one everyday on my way back from school," Mooring Eats co-founder Wajih Abdalnor tells blogTO. 

"During my breaks at the restaurant, I usually make myself a 'fries wrap' and I made a couple of my friends try it as I considered it something very special made of very simple ingredients. They all loved it and that's how we got the idea to add it to our menu."

The $1 fries wrap is available on Aug. 1 for the first 50 customers, with a limit of one per customer.

They're also adding a Syrian version of their current chicken shawarma wrap that's a little smaller and more traditional to the menu, launching two weeks after the fries wrap.

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