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People are worried vegan restaurants are closing in Toronto

Veganism may seem to some like it's still just a craze, but to many it's a genuine way of life. And there are some Toronto neighbourhoods that have been losing cornerstones of the vegan community.

South Indian Dosa Mahal was shuttered by the same fire that temporarily closed Brock Sandwich, and is now embroiled in a landlord dispute. Since it closed its doors, TBC vegan bakery and D-Beatstro, within blocks, both ended up facing closure as well.

"It is too bad that the community has nothing vegan now. I really hope for Dosa that they can get it sorted and reopen," says Amanda Somerville, former owner of TBC. "I would make a trek back into the city for a curry!"

More recently, Urban Herbivore bit the dust in the Eaton Centre after eight years, and though its Kensington Market location is still fiercely patronized, an Annex Food Hall location didn't make it, either.

However, Kensington's not immune: popular vegan spot Cosmic Treats had to close there when their rent was tripled.

Tori's shut down their location in the Canary District, and while that neighbourhood's low foot traffic may be to blame, Apiecalypse Now! on Pape is currently closed temporarily.

While Apiecalypse owner Jen Bundock says it's mostly due to necessary shop renovations and construction outside, it's made popular vegan bakery Bunner's reluctant to expand eastward according to a manager (they currently have three locations in western Toronto areas).

Either way, it's safe to say Toronto plant-eaters are taking notice.

Hopefully the reputation of vegan restaurants wasn't tarnished by a slip-up at Vegandale Brewery that hospitalized a patron. As veganism grows in popularity, regulation of products used in these restaurants becomes more important than ever.

It's worth noting that plant-based restaurants continue to open, like Animal Liberation Kitchen , as well as Planta Queen (a new location of the Planta empire) on Queen West.

High-end vegetarian tasting menus are also available at restaurants like Don Alfonso 1890 and Chotto Matte as well. 

So perhaps if you can afford to keep vegetarian and vegan restaurants open in your neighbourhood, stay open they will.

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Hector Vazquez at Urban Herbivore Annex Food Hall

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