La Cubana

The top 5 patios in Roncesvalles

The top patios in Roncesvalles will have you soaking up the charm of Polish Toronto outdoors. While most patios on the strip can be described as pint-sized, there are a few options ideal for casual drinks or dinner with some pals.

Here are my picks for the top patios in Roncesvalles.

La Cubana
The backyard of La Cubana is the perfect retreat from the streets of Roncy come patio season. It boasts a healthy dose of greenery, brightly coloured furniture and is open until 1 a.m. every day of the week. It also has a retractable awning, so no worries if Mother Nature starts to act up.

Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery
For all the beer lovers, there's Bandit Brewery. Its outdoor seating area, like most in the neighbourhood, has a laid-back vibe. There's picnic tables galore, hanging lights and a few trees that add a little oomph to the otherwise bare bones space.

Barque Smokehouse

Barque Smokehouse
Barque Smokehouse is equipped with a 25-seater patio, perfect for those who like to people-watch. Though it runs along the side of the building, drinkers and diners are still treated to a pretty clear view of the main strip. The space itself is relaxed and minimally adorned with a simple black gate separating the seated, and the standard branded patio umbrellas.


Loons Restaurant & Pub
If you're looking for a place with space, make a beeline for the backyard of Loons Restaurant & Pub. Its patio is one of the larger ones in the neighbourhood, flaunting enough seating for you and 89 of your closest friends. The space itself is reminiscent of the ideal residential backyard, filled with mismatched patio furniture and flower baskets.

The Local

The Local
Out back behind The Local you'll find a cozy little situation with wicker chairs and enough room to squeeze in 15. The patio is much less cavernous than the pub's interior, so if you're looking for a little sun head here.

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