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Roncesvalles Village

Roncesvalles Village still finds a way for authentic Polish butchers, bakeries and restaurants to thrive among a destination-worthy set of restaurants, boutiques and indie coffee houses. Mix in popular pubs like The Local, second-run flicks at the Revue Cinema and late night burgers and drinks at The Rude Boy and you've got yourself a neighbourhood that's no longer one of Toronto's best kept secrets.

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A Good Read / Bookstores

341 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.538.2665
A Good Read

A Good Read is one the best places in the city to find rare books, with particular emphasis placed on first and signed editions. Opened in fall of 2007...

Addison's / Design Stores

41 Wabash Ave. 416.539.0612 Website

Addison's is the perfect hybrid of antique shop and hardware store. That translates into three often-overwhelming floors of junk-shop heaven: Furniture, fixtures, plumbing, and vintage tools, all bearing a healthy...

Another Story / Bookstores

315 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.462.1104 Website
Another Story

Another Story Bookshop has a comprehensive collection of books for children and adults with an emphasis on social justice, equity and diversity. ...

Ardith / Fashion Stores

373 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.878.1412 Website

Ardith is the newest apparel store in the Roncesvalles area providing lifestyle and sports-inspired fashion. Having only been open for over a month, Ardith caters to the growing trend of...

Aris Place / Restaurants

229 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.533.0100
Aris Place

Aris Place has been grilling souvlaki for the Roncesvalles crowd for over 34 years now -- so you know they've got to be doing something right. I've passed their...

Balluchon / Cafes

221 Sorauren Avenue 416.516.8980 Website

Balluchon Raymond Inc. is back. Albeit, with a slightly longer name. But after about a six-month hiatus for owner Raymond Emes as he closed shop to tackle some personal issues,...

Bandit Brewery / Restaurants

2125 Dundas St. W. 647.348.1002 Website
Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery is an open-concept brewery, taproom and patio located inside a former auto shop at Dundas and Roncesvalles. Expect to find 20 beers on tap, including 15 original brews...

Barque Butcher Bar / Restaurants

287 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.532.7700 Website
Barque Butcher Bar

Barque Butcher Bar sits a couple doors down from the original smokehouse on Roncy. It's an all day kind of joint that operates as a barbecue-centric butcher by day and...

Barque Smokehouse / Restaurants

299 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.532.7700 Website
Barque Smokehouse

Barque Smokehouse is a new addition to Roncesvalles, located at the corner of Geoffery in the old Bistro 299 space. This casual smokehouse boasts an assortment of classic southern barbecue,...

Belljar Cafe / Cafes

2072 Dundas St West 416.535.0777 Website
Belljar Cafe

Belljar Cafe is a little less city, and a little more neighbourhood. Off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle, this cafe is the perfect spot for...

Blacksmith Cycle / Services

345 Sorauren Ave 416.853.9852 Website
Blacksmith Cycle

Blacksmith Cycle is one of those stores that's bound to attract people who just want to talk about bikes. That's not to say that customers won't also purchase what the...

Blitz Facial Bar (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

155 Roncesvalles Ave 416.588.9500 Website
Blitz Facial Bar (Roncesvalles)

Blitz Facial Bar is the Roncesvalles location of the popular Blitz Facial Bar with other locations on Queen and in Leslieville. It's an offshoot of the full-experience spa Body Blitz,...

Bloor Street Boxing and Fitness / Fitness Clubs

2295 Dundas St. West 416.535.2699 Website
Bloor Street Boxing and Fitness

Bloor Street Boxing and Fitness is one of Toronto's most iconic gyms. Founded by former lightweight National Champion Paul Ryan as a non profit to get kids off the...

Blue Bay Cafe / Restaurants

2243 Dundas Street West 416.533.8838
Blue Bay Cafe

Blue Bay Cafe on Roncesvalles cooks up creole cuisine from Mauritius. Curried shrimp with green mango is among the favourites here. ...

BoardAgain Games / Services

2111 Dundas Street West Website
BoardAgain Games

BoardAgain Games is a retail shop in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood that sells board games and also hosts gaming events. You can also stop by to play your favourite games. ...

Bohemian Palace / Fitness Clubs

240 Roncesvalles Ave 416.907.8084 Website
Bohemian Palace

Bohemian Palace has a gorgeous interior and offers a nice variety of classes as well as deep-tissue massage. But don't expect their operations to be bohemian: this studio requires students...

Boomerang Pilates / Fitness Clubs

240 Roncesvalles Ave 416.993.2811 Website
Boomerang Pilates

Boomerang Pilates is a Roncesvalles Village fitness studio with a number of group yoga and pilates classes, body alignment workshops and private classes available. Photo via Boomerang Pilates on Facebook....

BQM Roncesvalles / Restaurants

369 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.351.3005 Website
BQM Roncesvalles

BQM Roncesvalles is part of the chain of BQM joints in the city. The familiar menu includes classics like gourmet burgers, poutine and onion rings. ...

Butler's Pantry (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

371 Roncesvalles Ave 416.537.7750 Website
Butler's Pantry (Roncesvalles)

Butler's Pantry in Roncesvalles is one location of a popular brunch spot that does sandwiches and delivery. The other location is on Markham Street in Mirvish Village. ...

Cafe Polonez / Restaurants

195 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.532.8432 Website
Cafe Polonez

Café Polonez is one of the final Polish strongholds left in Roncesvalles and a restaurant I always find myself coming back to. If I weren't Asian, I reckon I would...

Cardinal Rule / Restaurants

5 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.352.0202 Website
Cardinal Rule

Cardinal Rule is all about the retro diner vibe. The all-day Roncesvalles restaurant dishes out veggie, vegan, gluten free and meaty options on all three of their menus - breakfast,...

Cherry Bomb / Cafes

79 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.516.8212 Website
Cherry Bomb

It's very Zen like inside Cherry Bomb. The decor is sparse and simple. The place is impressively clean, as though scrubbed down and put into order moments before we arrived....

Chocolateria / Grocery Stores

361 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.588.0567 Website

The Chocolateria, a cocoa lovers' dream on Roncesvalles, opened quietly without advertising in the middle of a construction nightmare. You might call it a bad business move. But, when a...

Chopin / Restaurants

165 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.536.6228 Website

Chopin on Roncesvalles has been churning out its popular perogy dish for 25 years. The ample entree-sized portion is perfect for sharing over beers while catching a game on the...

Christopher Cutts Gallery / Galleries

21 Morrow Avenue 416.532.5566 Website
Christopher Cutts Gallery

Christopher Cutts Gallery is one of Toronto's most established commercial galleries, active on the scene since 1986. Located just off Dundas West near Lansdowne, it shares an unassuming cul-de-sac with...

Coal Miner's Daughter (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

87 Roncesvalles Ave 647.381.1439 Website
Coal Miner's Daughter (Roncesvalles)

Coal Miner's Daughter on Roncesvalles stocks many one-of-a-kind items, so if you're on the hunt for unique or limited edition pieces, it's worth a try. They have a smattering of...

Coffee & All That Jazz / Cafes

72 Howard Park Ave 416.531.7622 Website
Coffee & All That Jazz

More info coming soon. ...

Cookery / Design Stores

3030 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.478.3873 Website

Cookery is a high-end specialty kitchen store will help you create that dream French kitchen. The shop carries French made cookware and bakeware brands such as Le Creuset and Emile...

Doll Factory by Damzels (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

394 Roncesvalles 416.533.3232 Website
Doll Factory by Damzels (Roncesvalles)

Doll Factory by Damzels has hit Roncesvalles after many years fulfilling the needs of modern day pin-up girls at their Leslieville boutique. The store's hardwood floors, warm lighting, and hot...

Domani Restaurant / Restaurants

335 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.2147
Domani Restaurant

Domani Restaurant is a long time resident of Roncesvalles. Their menu features homemade pasta, pizza, salad and grilled meats....

Dressers / Fashion Stores

307 Roncesvalles Ave 416.531.7356

Contributed by Jaime Kawamoto There is something charming about a place where everybody knows your name. Dressers, in Roncesvalles Village, is a place where locals go to browse and bond. ...

Dundas Park Kitchen / Restaurants

2066 Dundas St. West 647.351.4793 Website
Dundas Park Kitchen

Dundas Park Kitchen opened nearly a month ago on a sleepy stretch of Dundas West, just doors down from the Belljar Cafe. The kitchen takes over from an old...

Ecotique / Design Stores

191 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.2234 Website

Ecotique is Roncesvalles' very own eco-minded boutique. While the Roncy community does have more than a few green options in its neighbourhood — Sweetpea's for seasonal florals, Scout and Fresh...

Ed's Real Scoop (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

189 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.531.3113 Website
Ed's Real Scoop (Roncesvalles)

Ed's Real Scoop is the real deal. Until now, west-enders have had to make the trek to Leslieville or the original Beaches locations to get a fix, but with the...

Enigma Coffee and Food / Cafes

1556 Bloor St W 647.346.5511 Website
Enigma Coffee and Food

Enigma Coffee and Food is a humble cafe near Dundas West station on Bloor. They do all-day breakfast and offer delivery. The front is completely opened in the summer for...

Extra Butter / Cafes

283 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.340.7791 Website
Extra Butter

Extra Butter, a new coffee shop in Roncesvalles, has quickly taken over the old Gurts space just south of Geoffrey St. The counter has been pushed all the way to...

Fantail / Baked Goods

333 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.352.8245 Website

Fantail is a bakery and cafe in Roncesvalles with heavenly scents wafting from the kitchen. Owner and proud baker Michelle Turpin also owns the tailor shop right next door to...

Fine Tune Pilates / Fitness Clubs

461 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.968.6829
Fine Tune Pilates

Fine Tune Pilates is fitness studio in Roncesvalles Village that offers group classes and private sessions. It also has massage practitioners on site, if you're in need a little R&R....

For The Girls / Fashion Stores

313 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.340.2521 Website
For The Girls

For The Girls on Roncesvalles is a one-stop shop for undergarments and hosiery, from practical foundation pieces and sportsbras to girly, lacy lingerie, all in a relaxed, non-intimidating setting. In...

Fresh Collective (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

401 Roncesvalles 647.352.7123 Website
Fresh Collective (Roncesvalles)

Fresh Collective on Roncesvalles is the third Fresh Collective outlet in Toronto, and though just a month old, it's already being fully embraced by the neighbourhood. "It has totally exceeded my...

Frock / Fashion Stores

97 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.1333 Website

More info coming soon. ...

Gate 403 / Bars

403 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.588.2930 Website
Gate 403

With free live Jazz or Blues every night, GATE 403 is a nice (inexpensive) alternative to a typical laid-back evening out with friends. With an extensive martini, cocktail and...

Ginger Express (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

20 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.748.4988 Website
Ginger Express (Roncesvalles)

Ginger Express serves up Vietnamese fare in Roncesvalles Village. On the menu you'll find a variety of curries and pho that won't break the bank....

Gloria Cafe / Cafes

478 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.348.8880 Website
Gloria Cafe

Gloria is a go-lucky cafe near Roncesvalles and Dundas. The spot is named after Cafe Neon alumnus Bryan Sherry's grandmother, which explains the black and white photograph of Gloria on...

Golden Cafe / Cafes

35 Golden Ave. 647.346.8005 Website
Golden Cafe

Golden Cafe is hidden away inside a converted former uniform factory at the end of a small street off Dundas St. West on the outskirts of Roncesvalles Village. The building...

Grateful Head / Fashion Stores

231 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.915.4323
Grateful Head

Grateful Head has held strong over the last few years as a Toronto salon with one of the best names around. And as long as I've been heading there for...

Green Light District Design / Design Stores

365 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.272.5005 Website
Green Light District Design

Green Light District Design is an import from Ottawa showcasing contemporary furniture from across the globe. While the recently opened Roncesvalles floor looks like the living room of a seasoned...

Helga Boutique / Fashion Stores

387 Roncesvalles Ave 416.532.5555
Helga Boutique

Helga Boutique sells upscale apparel and accessories for refined women out of a storefront in Roncesvalles. It's right at home on a quiet stroll filled with kitchen shops, bookstores and...

Hopgood's Foodliner / Restaurants

325 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.533.2723 Website
Hopgood's Foodliner

Hopgood's Foodliner serves such impeccably executed fare that I scarcely realized the last time I had crab dip so delicious was at Aunt Dolly's church potluck. While the restaurant's name...

Hot Oven Bakery (Roncesvalles) / Baked Goods

177 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.588.8222 Website
Hot Oven Bakery (Roncesvalles)

Hot Oven Bakery's newest location (other stores located in Bloor West Village and the Kingsway) is a spacious bakery with both indoor and outdoor seating. An assortment of lattes, espressos,...

Howard Johnson Inn (Roncesvalles) / Hotels

14 Roncesvalles Avenue 1.800.330.8716 Website
Howard Johnson Inn (Roncesvalles)

The Howard Johnson Inn on Roncesvalles is the new (and improved?) Edgewater Hotel. Located at the foot of the street it offers your bare-bones amenities. Like housekeeping, and vending...

Hugh's Room / Bars

2261 Dundas Street West 416.531.6604 Website
Hugh's Room

Hugh's Room, located in Roncesvalles Village a few blocks south of Dundas West station, is one of Canada's best folk, blues, and world music venues. It's named for Hugh Carson,...

Imelda / Fashion Stores

123 Roncesvalles 647.344.1006

Imelda is a shop that stocks those so-called "cute and comfortable" shoes that always look the same to me, despite the year or season--they all have chunky heels, round cuddly...

Inter Steer / Bars

357 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.588.8054
Inter Steer

Formally a dusty old restaurant that appeared to be called "Romantic Place" and whose facade looked like it dated back to 1970, Inter Steer underwent a big makeover a few...

Jewel Envy / Fashion Stores

151 Marion St 647.436.6709 Website
Jewel Envy

Jewel Envy is a collaborative jewelry studio in downtown Toronto. Goldsmiths offer selections from their jewelry lines and also create custom pieces. This space has full time, part time, and...

Kami Sushi / Restaurants

153 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.516.1956 Website
Kami Sushi

Kami Sushi, located in the heart of Roncesvalles Village, boasts an extensive and comprehensive menu. Featured are many special rolls, vegetarian options and combination platters. Lunch specials and a la...

Kennel Cafe / Services

295 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.531.3177 Website
Kennel Cafe

Kennel Cafe doesn't serve coffee to dogs, but it does stock a wide variety of natural, organic and earth-friendly products. Check the website for nutritional seminars, or submit a photo...

La Cubana (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

392 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.538.7500 Website
La Cubana (Roncesvalles)

La Cubana might be the greatest thing to ever happen to Cuban cuisine in Toronto. While Julie's Cuban has long been the go-to for Cuban specialties like ropa vieja, fried...

Lambretta / Restaurants

89 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.551.9925 Website

Lambretta Pizzeria & Wine Bar opened this past December on Roncesvalles, in the space formerly occupied by Hey! restaurant. Building on prior renovations, the owner, Alessandro Settimi, added his own...

Lebanon Express (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

327 Roncesvalles Ave 416.447.4417
Lebanon Express (Roncesvalles)

Lebanon Express is a fast food shawarma joint that also serves kofta and falafel. They have another location at Yonge and College. ...

Lewis Family Tattoo Company / Services

2235 Dundas St. West 416.792.1307 Website
Lewis Family Tattoo Company

Lewis Family Tattoo Company is bathed in mid-morning sun that's beaming bright as I approach the family-friendly environs of Roncesvalles Village. Amidst the SUV-sized strollers parked in front of the...

Likely General / Design Stores

389 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.351.4590 Website
Likely General

Likely General opened yesterday in Roncesvalles, and I knew it was a winner before I even stepped in the door. How, you ask? Owner Brooke Manning has a chalkboard sign...

Lit Espresso Bar / Cafes

221 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.538.9700 Website
Lit Espresso Bar

Lit Espresso Bar thrives in not one, but two Toronto neighbourhoods, and owner Joe Angellotti says they're always looking to expand on that success. The cafe's first location opened on...

Livestock (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

406 Roncesvalles Ave 647.347.8046 Website
Livestock (Roncesvalles)

Livestock on Roncesvalles is probably the fanciest location yet of the sneaker shop. It's much larger than its other Toronto location on Spadina. At first blush, the choice of neighbourhood...

Loons Restaurant & Pub / Restaurants

416 Roncesvalles Ave 416.535.8561 Website
Loons Restaurant & Pub

Scoping for a patio on a Thursday night on Roncesvalles, two friends and I end up at Loons, a restaurant and pub just up the street from the Revue Cinema....

LP's LPs / Services

2227 Dundas St West 416.671.0420 Website
LP's LPs

LP's LPs has a note hanging on the door when I first stop by. "Be back at 5:30. Go grab a coffee. I had to run an errand. I'll see...

Mabel's Bakery (Roncesvalles) / Baked Goods

323 Roncesvalles Ave 416.534.2333 Website
Mabel's Bakery (Roncesvalles)

Mabel's Bakery & Specialty Foods opened for business this fall in the old Warmia Deli space on Roncesvalles, and after a total rennovation and completely revamped offerings, the storefront now...

Macklem's / Fashion Stores

2223 Dundas Street West 416.531.7188 Website

Macklem's is a family-run business located at Dundas and Roncesvalles since 1945. They have a huge selection of strollers and carseats, as well as just about any other baby item...

Maggie's Farm Vintage / Fashion Stores

407 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.537.4356 Website
Maggie's Farm Vintage

Maggie's Farm Vintage is a delightful hodge-podge of a place, as one could probably tell from the treasures strewn outside and the "Holy Land Foods and Video" sign that dominates...

Maple Produce / Grocery Stores

225 Roncesvalles 416.532.8788
Maple Produce

On a warm sunny day, Roncesvalles easily ranks as one of my favourite streets for a little food shopping. There's a lively atmosphere with local grocers, butchers, bakeries and cafes...

Mariclaro / Fashion Stores

435 Roncesvalles Ave 416.533.9161 Website

Mariclaro is an open-concept boutique and workshop on Roncesvalles that makes women's bags, clothing and accessories....

Mercantile / Grocery Stores

297 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.531.7563 Website

After nine years on College Street, The Mercantile has moved to Roncesvalles. With the new space, owner Shannon Doyle has been able to expand the stock of specialty foods...

Mitzi's / Restaurants

100 Sorauren Ave 416.588.1234

On the quiet, tree-lined Sorauren Avenue, just north of Queen sits Mitzi's, a hugely popular cafe and brunch spot. The best thing about Mitzi's is the spiced potatoes. It's one...

Mojo Cycles / Services

2170 Dundas St. W 416.649.7696 Website
Mojo Cycles

Mojo Cycles is cosy bike shop that services Roncesvalles Village. Mainly focused on city riders, the shop features both new and used bikes, the latter of which typically fit into...

Moretti Hair / Fashion Stores

431 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.7111 Website
Moretti Hair

Moretti Hair is a clean and classy hair salon at the top of Roncesvalles Village, noticeable from afar by the striking mural on one exterior wall of the flatiron it's...

Mrs. Huizenga / Fashion Stores

28 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.604.4286 Website
Mrs. Huizenga

Mrs. Huizenga, a 5-year-old Roncesvalles vintage shop, birthed a wee baby sister in the blossoming heart of the Junction this fall. So it's not actually that far from the original...

Muttonhead / Fashion Stores

337 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.201.3861 Website

Muttonhead, a Toronto-based unisex lifestyle brand best known for its premium fabrics and sharp, athletic-inspired designs, has opened a flagship retail store in the heart of Roncesvalles Village. "This store...

Narwhal Art Projects / Galleries

2104 Dundas St W 647.346.5317 Website
Narwhal Art Projects

Narwhal Art Projects was opened by Magic Pony to host expanded exhibitions without retail crossover. Featuring the work of young Canadian and international artists, the gallery was first located at...

Nine Restaurant & Tapas Bar / Restaurants

9 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.512.2589 Website
Nine Restaurant & Tapas Bar

Nine Restaurant and Tapas Bar is a new Korean snack bar at the base of Roncesvalles north of Queen. Owner Alex Kim is actually a contractor who's worked on interiors...

Noodleholic / Restaurants

2210 Dundas Street West 416.819.6604

Noodleholic is a brand new specialty noodle house that opened two weeks ago in upper Roncesvalles Village. It's an interesting concept dedicated to all things Asian in the land of...

Olga Korper Gallery / Galleries

17 Morrow Avenue 416.538.8220 Website
Olga Korper Gallery

Olga Korper Gallery has a lengthy and fascinating history. Started in the basement of Korper's former apartment on Markham Street, after a few years the then makeshift gallery moved...

Owl Optometry / Fashion Stores

217 Roncesvalles Ave 647.349.2020 Website
Owl Optometry

Owl Optometry offers all kinds of eye care services, including ones for children, and you can book online. They'll also help you with your LASIK and diabetic eye exams. On...

Phila Optical / Fashion Stores

359 Roncesvalles Ave 416.538.8580 Website
Phila Optical

Phila Optical is an eyewear shop on Roncesvalles that offers many unique and vintage-inspired designs....

Pizza Flora / Restaurants

167 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.588.4500 Website
Pizza Flora

Pizza Flora is a new entrant on Roncesvalles for take-out pizza and chicken wings. Pizza options range from the traditional (margherita) to the gourmet (shrimp scampi) to the indulgent (chicken...

Pizzeria Defina / Restaurants

321 Roncesvalles Ave 416.571.3939 Website
Pizzeria Defina

Pizzeria Defina is Roncesvalles' answer to wood-fired pizza. After months of teasing, the paper on the windows is finally down and neighbourhood residents are flocking to their new pizza...

Qi Natural Foods / Grocery Stores

219 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.537.1428
Qi Natural Foods

Qi Natural is a health food store with three locations in Toronto including the one pictured above on Roncesvalles. The other two are on Bloor Street in Koreatown and on...

Recloth Modern Vintage / Design Stores

457 Roncesvalles 647.866.4691 Website
Recloth Modern Vintage

Recloth Modern Vintage, in Roncy, redesigns and reupholsters furniture using vintage and antique pieces. A full service package, the shop is involved in the entire process from sourcing fabrics to...

Reunion Island / Cafes

385 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.837.8996 Website
Reunion Island

Reunion Island Coffee Bar proves Roncesvalles still hasn't reached its cafe saturation point yet, replacing Roncy's Bean with this first flagship shop of the 20-year-old Oakville-based coffee roaster, which went...

Roncesvalles Bakery / Baked Goods

173 Roncesvalles Ave 416.535.7143 Website
Roncesvalles Bakery

The Roncesvalles Bakery & Deli is a lot smaller, but from my experience, friendlier then some of the other larger Polish bakeries on Roncesvalles. The Roncesvalles Bakery & Deli...

Round the Horn / Bars

331 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.785.2123 Website
Round the Horn

Round the Horn is the kind of place I'd like to claim as my own local bar, if I lived nearer. Taking over the space once home to The Workshop...

Rowe Farms / Grocery Stores

105 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.588.4383 Website
Rowe Farms

I've never had a particularly strong connection to meat. That's not because I don't like the stuff. In fact, it's just the opposite. I love it. But I've always been...

Sangria Lounge / Restaurants

145 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.533.9939 Website
Sangria Lounge

Sangria Lounge on Roncesvalles is a cozy restaurant and bar that specializes in sangria, and serves up cheap pints. Chill on the patio, take in some live music, and sample...

Scooter Girl / Services

187 Roncesvalles Ave 416.534.2211 Website
Scooter Girl

Scooter Girl is a one-stop kid's toy shop for the Roncesvalles/High Park areas, featuring everything from wooden toys, to furnished dollhouses, to railway sets....

Scout / Design Stores

405 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.546.6922 Website

Scout is a quaint little Roncesvalles gift boutique specializing in local and handmade goods. For some reason, the plum purple ceiling seems to tell me all I need to know...

Set Me Free / Services

381 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.532.4147 Website
Set Me Free

Set Me Free carries a variety of used bikes, as well as some new ones, including the store's own brand. After getting a bike or a tune-up, you can complete...

She Said Boom / Bookstores

393 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.531.6843 Website
She Said Boom

She Said Boom features two locations under once linked, but now separate, ownership. Both stores have been around for over ten years, with the College Street location acting as...

Snap Fitness (Roncesvalles) / Fitness Clubs

183 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.351.7627 Website
Snap Fitness (Roncesvalles)

Snap Fitness in a fitness chain with locations across North America including this one on Roncesvalles. The best thing about this place is that it's 24 hours. ...

Soho Art & Custom Framing / Design Stores

77 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.531.2047 Website
Soho Art & Custom Framing

Soho Art & Custom Framing at Queen and Roncesvalles shop pledges to handle everything from posters to priceless art. Soho offers only UV-protective glass and archival-quality matting, which stems from...

Soho Art & Custom Framing / Design Stores

77 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.531.2047 Website
Soho Art & Custom Framing

Soho Art & Custom Framing at Queen and Roncesvalles shop pledges to handle everything from posters to priceless art. Soho offers only UV-protective glass and archival-quality matting, which stems from...

Soup 'n Such / Restaurants

2285 Dundas St. West 416.916.4131 Website
Soup 'n Such

Soup 'n Such is a breakfast and lunch spot where Dundas West meets Roncesvalles. The menu features plenty of soups (potato bacon, turkey veggie), salads (quinoa, spinach), panini and a...

Stasis Preserves / Grocery Stores

476 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.766.5267 Website
Stasis Preserves

Stasis Local Foods is all about eating locally all year round. That is, eating locally all year round without forgoing some of your favourite, though out-of-season foods. So, while you...

Sunny Joe's Cafe / Cafes

250 Sorauren Ave 416.539.9420
Sunny Joe's Cafe

Sunny Joe's Cafe feels like a country corner stop, Now, I know it's kind of hokey to say, but I couldn't help thinking of an old Muskoka coffee and convenience...

Sunrise Grill & Crepe / Restaurants

417 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.5766 Website
Sunrise Grill & Crepe

Sunrise Grill & Crepe is a casual breakfast spot in Roncesvalles, not far from its split from Dundas. They have a patio with an awning, and their interior features retro...

Sushi Nomi / Restaurants

67 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.748.7288
Sushi Nomi

Sushi Nomi is a casual sushi house offering an abundant variety of sushi, sashimi and maki. In addition to serving up traditional Japanese fare, there is a board of interesting...

Sushi on Roncy / Restaurants

293 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.347.7735
Sushi on Roncy

Sushi on Roncy is the newest sushi restaurant to open on Roncesvalles. Like the other options further south their menu is stacked with the usual sushi, sashimi and maki options....

Sweet Thrills / Grocery Stores

399 Roncesvalles Ave 416.535.9286
Sweet Thrills

Sweet Thrills is the epitome of a kid's dream candy store. It has board games right by the entrance, a wall of Jelly Bellys, a balloons and colourful candies just...

Sweetpea's / Design Stores

163 Roncesvalles Ave 416.537.3700 Website

Sweetpea's has brought eco-friendly, contemporary floral design to Roncesvalles. Finally. "There really wasn't anything like this before," owner Sara Jameson tells me, leaning over the counter. Jameson has lived in...

T Dot Jerk / Restaurants

26 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.534.5375
T Dot Jerk

T Dot Jerk is a Roncesvalles Village take-out spot specializing in Caribbean fare. The menu includes staples like jerk chicken and pork served on rice. They dish up large portions...

Tealish (Roncesvalles) / Grocery Stores

367 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.203.3301 Website
Tealish (Roncesvalles)

Tealish first opened near Trinity Bellwoods but has since settled into a location on Roncesvalles. Offering a dazzling selection of over 100 teas, the shop boasts a colossal collection...

Ten Spot (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

117 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.915.1010 Website
Ten Spot (Roncesvalles)

The Ten Spot has migrated to Roncesvalles, where it offers all of the pampering you'd expect, but without the zen vibe. They want to offer a social experience for...

Thai Chef Cuisine / Restaurants

233 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.915.0095 Website
Thai Chef Cuisine

More info coming soon. ...

Thai Home / Restaurants

133 Roncesvalles 416.534.8424 Website
Thai Home

Thai Home is a Roncesvalles restaurant serving up traditional Thai eats. The menu features everything from chicken pad thai to green curry beef....

The Ace / Restaurants

231 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.792.7729 Website
The Ace

The Ace Restaurant has experienced a rebirth after almost two decades of lying dormant. After reading about the diner back in May, I was intrigued by the history of the...

The Black Cat / Galleries

2186 Dundas St W 416.388.7263 Website
The Black Cat

2186 Dundas was greeted with outpouring of excitement and support on Thursday night when the small storefront at the crossroads of Dundas West and Roncesvalles first opened its doors to...

The Dizzy / Restaurants

305 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.538.8484 Website
The Dizzy

The Dizzy has flags from all over the world and is a welcoming Gastro Pub in the heart of Roncesvalles. While some might find its menu to be just standard...

The Friendly Thai / Restaurants

223 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.535.0111
The Friendly Thai

The Friendly Thai on Roncesvalles, one of the handful of outposts belonging to the popular local restaurant chain, serves up tasty Thai food in a contemporary ambiance. ...

The Gilder / Design Stores

23 Morrow Ave. 416.533.5125 Website
The Gilder

The Gilder specializes in working with creators to figure out what frames suit their work best. All the store's frames, ranging from simple stains to gesso applications to 23-karat gold...

The Knit Cafe (Roncesvalles) / Fashion Stores

55 Roncesvalles Ave 416.533.5648 Website
The Knit Cafe (Roncesvalles)

The Knit Cafe is where to go in Roncesvalles Village if you're looking to DIY. They offer knitting classes and sell all the tools you need to pick up the...

The Little Hair Shop / Fashion Stores

477 Roncesvalles Ave 416.588.5552 Website
The Little Hair Shop

The Little Hair Shop is a Roncesvalles salon specializing in Kevin Murphy products and touting "low maintenance" style....

The Local / Restaurants

396 Roncesvalles Ave 416.535.6225 Website
The Local

The Local is an art-friendly pub on Roncesvalles that has lots of beers on tap, chili, burgers, salads and perogies. There's also a great back patio....

The Old Country Shop / Grocery Stores

355 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.535.7641 Website
The Old Country Shop

The Old Country Shop is Roncesvalles' one-stop shop for all things European and imported, including sweets, gifts, seasonal items (like Easter eggs and advent calendars), and other guaranteed pieces of...

The Roncy Public / Restaurants

390 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.516.8112 Website
The Roncy Public

The Roncy Public serves up gastropub staples like pulled pork sandwiches, fried chicken and waffles, and mushroom risotto in what used to be Lardon Restaurant....

The Rude Boy / Restaurants

397 Roncesvalles Ave 416.533.3269
The Rude Boy

The Rude Boy opened rather quietly this past week on Roncesvalles Avenue in the location previously occupied by The Greek Spot. The foursome of chefs Liam Kelly, Faiez Bapoo, Paul...

The Westerly / Restaurants

413 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.551.6660 Website
The Westerly

The Westerly is the newest hot spot on Roncesvalles. Since opening in December it has generated a lot of buzz so I stopped by last week eager to get a...

Thin Blue Line / Grocery Stores

93 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.840.6966 Website
Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line Cheese Boutique in Roncesvalles Village has a great selection of fresh, local artisan cheeses. ...

Tonality Records / Services

2168 Dundas St. W 416.532.8808 Website
Tonality Records

Tonality Records, a staunchly indie record store, is nestled between Mojo Cycles and a vet clinic on Dundas West near Roncesvalles. And now just down the street from a newly...

Vicky's Fish & Chips / Restaurants

414 Roncesvalles Ave. 416.531.8822
Vicky's Fish & Chips

Two different menus, one for fish and chips and one for thai, with a LOT of variety for a very reasonable price. The fish and chips are worth raving...

Village Juicery (Roncesvalles) / Restaurants

99 Roncesvalles 647.351.5999 Website
Village Juicery (Roncesvalles)

Village Juicery makes cold pressed juice blends in Roncesvalles Village. On the menu you'll find immune-boosting beverages made with raw organic ingredients. They also have a slightly smaller selection of...

West Side Cycle / Services

213 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.531.4648 Website
West Side Cycle

West Side Cycle caters to "moms and pops" - people who just want to hop on the bike and ride. Most new bikes are in the modest $300-400 price range...

Willem & Jools / Design Stores

125 Roncesvalles 416.588.5566 Website
Willem & Jools

Willem & Jools is a Roncesvalles florist that turns freshly cut flowers into art. The store specializes in European bucket arrangements, but can craft flowers into almost any type of...

Wisey's Pies and Bakehouse (Roncesvalles) / Baked Goods

43 Roncesvalles 647.346.4455 Website
Wisey's Pies and Bakehouse (Roncesvalles)

Wisey's Pies and Bakehouse crafts sweet and savoury pies for the crowds of Roncesvalles Village. The store also offers a selection of pastries and cookies, as well as caffeinated beverages...

Yoga Star / Fitness Clubs

15 Roncesvalles Avenue 647.393.1118 Website
Yoga Star

Yoga Star is a fitness studio on the west side of Parkdale. The space has three separate rooms dedicated to yoga, three health offices and a lounge complete with snacks,...

Yoga Village / Fitness Clubs

240 Roncesvalles Avenue Website
Yoga Village

Yoga Village is more than just a yoga studio but a... village of health practitioners coming together under their love of yoga. Yoga Village offers naturopath services, energy healers...

Zagloba / Restaurants

317 Roncesvalles Avenue 416.530.0303

Zagloba is an old school Polish restaurant on Roncesvalles. The owner makes traditional dishes including all sorts of perogies. There's also weekend....

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