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The top 30 cafes for studying in Toronto by neighbourhood

The top cafes for studying in Toronto, at the very least, offer free WiFi, but at their best provide all the right beverages and vibes for a productive study session. Take a break from your stuffy school library and hit one these cafes for some needed school fuel (a.k.a. coffee).

Here are my picks for the top cafes for studying in Toronto by neighbourhood.


Located a few short blocks from U of T's campus, The Common makes for an excellent alternative to Robarts. It’s tiny in here, but its brightly lit interior and small menu of coffee ensures you’ll have no problem staying awake.


Studying at Field Trip Cafe is kind of like being at school, but in a good way. This warm, cozy spot is inspired by the idea of an old-timey classroom (hence the chalkboard decor) and is a super laid back place to feel studious.

Brockton Village

With lots of table space to set up your laptop, Run and Gun is an ideal place to get your study on. You can migrate move from the tables to the bleacher seats, if studying cross-legged is more comfortable for you.

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Spacious and brightly lit, Dark Horse is a go-to George Brown study spot. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Canary District

Located right beneath the George Brown residence, this Dark Horse is the go-to spot for students who need a break from studying in their dorms. With super high ceilings and a variety of tables and couches to choose from, you can post up in here for hours.


Once you get over how beautiful it is inside, you’ll quickly settle into Odin and get some serious studying done, either alone or in a group. Its Scandinavian-inspired design means stylish chairs to sit in and practically placed outlets for your convenience throughout the cafe.

East Danforth

Zav Coffee is filled with art and provides a relaxed space for you to settle down with your work. There’s ample room for studying alone or in pairs, and there’s a large table up front that’s prime real estate for potential group work.

Dundas West

If the fluorescent lights and cavernous nature of libraries are too much for you too handle, head to the Tampered Press. The cafe has plenty of natural light during the day and a comfy, homey feel that'll keep you from going stir crazy.

Financial District

Head to Boxcar Social during the day for some good coffee to help fuel your studying. If you have a lot to do, get there early; this spot gets boisterous at night.

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Full Stop's colourful interior makes for a good environment to get some work done. Photo by Jesse Milns.


If you’re tired of seeing the same minimalist cafe interiors, head to Full Stop for some playful decor that will help awaken your senses and get you in the study mood. This place can fit at least 40 people at a time; for summer studying, they’ve also got a huge patio.

Junction Triangle

Located in the Clock Factory building, Hale Coffee is truly a prime spot for quiet work. Huge windows and bright lighting add to its welcoming, industrial space, and tables are dotted with succulents to keep you company while you work.

Kensington Market

As one of the best cafes in Kensington, Pamenar offers customers a friendly environment to study and inexpensive beverages. Note that they have a no laptop policy in the evenings, so you’ll have to head elsewhere to study (or give yourself a deserved break, up to you).

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Neo is a Japanese coffee shop on King East has a modern setting for your study needs. Photo by Morris Lum.

King East

If you've gotten your fill of croissants this exam season, head to Neo Coffee Bar for some Japanese pastries that will satisfy your sweet tooth and distract you from study stress. Pedestal tables and a couple spacious booths make it ideal for groups of all sizes.

King West

Quantum Coffee is always busy, with an incredibly spacious brick-walled back room with ample seating. You may have to fight off some Brainstation students for a seat, but if you manage to snag a spot, you’ll be guaranteed a great space to study all day.


Super airy and simply designed, Good Neighbour's interior provides no distractions. Grab a tea or coffee and get to working in this minimalist cafe.


Tango Palace Coffee Company has an edge on many Leslieville cafes: it isn't flush with strollers, meaning less wailing babies and more work done. It's also open until 11 p.m., for those who need to cram for an exam.

Liberty Village

It’s easy to pass the time here socializing and just enjoying the vibes, but Louie Craft Coffee’s exposed brick interior is a good study option for those who like to work and people-watch simultaneously.

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Art and coffee make the perfect combo at Flying Pony. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Little India

If you're in need of some creative inspiration, Flying Pony may be your ideal study spot. The space doubles as a gallery, showcasing pieces from emerging and mid-career artists.


In coherence with all of Jimmy’s other locations around the city, this spot on Ossington has an old school feel that adds to its distinct bookish vibe. Vegan and gluten-free food is available here for students trying to keep their cafe diets clean during exam time.

Pape Village

Planning on posting up for more than a few hours? Goat Coffee Co. may be your saving grace. Aside from having a mix of bar seating, two-person tables, and large communal spaces, it also has a full menu of sandwiches and salads for when you're in need of sustenance.

Queen West

Early Bird usually gets packed by mid afternoon so come early for an otherwise excellent working environment. Beware the tables reserved for non-electronic-using guests only.

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Sumach's giant espresso sign is an easily recognizable logo in Regent Park.  Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Regent Park

Lots of electrical outlets at Sumach make this friendly spot the go-to destination in Regent for computer work. Unpretentious vibes and chill, non-distracting soundtracks are the best parts of this cafe.


A pairing of fair-trade-only coffee and cozy couches at Merchants of Green makes it an incredibly welcoming place to get your work done. Refresh yourself halfway through your study sesh with an invigorating Ethiopian coffee ceremony that will wake you right up.

Roncesvalles Village

Reunion Island is the destination for Roncy folk who need a bright (very Instagrammable) place to post up and do some studying. Vibes here are relaxed and the interior is clean and classy.


You won’t find many cafes like this in Scarborough. Birchcliff is the first of its kind to bring third-wave coffee to this area by the Bluffs. Finish your paper or get through five chapters in this tastefully designed cafe.

St. Clair West

Krave Coffee has quickly become a favourite community hangout, but its two-person tables are also ideal for solo caffeine-fuelled cram sessions.

Upper Beaches

The Porch Light is a go-to east end destination for studious folk looking for ample seating. It feels a lot like a community hub and is usually pretty full with people typing away at their laptops. 

cafes toronto

You can study, grab some coffee, and get your bike fixed at Fix Coffee + Bikes.  Photo by Jesse Milns.

West Queen West

As its name suggests, Fix Coffee + Bikes specializes in both coffee and bike repair. It’s eclectic space is roomy and offers a few different features for your study needs like free WiFi and a bleacher-esque area for those who like to assume unconventional seating positions.

Yonge & Dundas

As expected, the Balzacs on Ryerson’s campus can get really busy, but coming early with your laptop fully charged will help you snag a seat at one of the large communal tables. Only the small window-side tables have outlet access, unfortunately.

Yonge & Eglinton

Get some strong Turkish coffee at Istanbul Cafe to boost your study session at this cozy midtown spot. Lots of tables here allow for social group work and if you’re working alone, curl up by the fireplace in a pillowy chair to get into the zone. 


There’s three levels of seating at 5 Elements so you’re pretty much guaranteed a spot here. You'll find all the basic work necessities like WiFi, and there's low chances of a stranger striking conversation with you here, if you prefer your privacy. 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at Hale Coffee. With files from Jesse Milns.

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