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Toronto's famous Casa Loma is opening its castle for indoor dining and tours

Casa Loma is reopening in Toronto after a year where everyone has felt like Rapunzel stuck inside their homes.

The famed Toronto attraction with a history that ranges from star-studded parties to haunted houses, has announced it will be reopening to the public for both tours and indoor dining. 

The opening date is scheduled for Wednesday,  July 21. Tickets are also now available for indoor tours of the castle.

Included in the reopening is the return of indoor dining at BlueBlood Steakhouse. The restaurant is currently open but only for patio dining.

Also arriving this week is the Imagine Dragons Light Forest which apparently has nothing to do with the pop rock band and instead turns Casa Loma into a medieval fairy tale lights experience.

While Toronto often gets compared against European cities that do things like pedestrian roads, and drinking in parks better than anywhere in Ontario, having a castle of our own is still very much a novelty.

Whether it's dragons, dining or just strolling through a castle in Canada's largest city, the reopening of Casa Loma gives Toronto residents a whole lot of fantastic new ways to spend their day.

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