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First snow of the season throws Toronto into a tizzy

Happy snow season, Toronto. The white stuff we all hate to hate is back!

Winter weather has reemerged from its icy abyss overnight, it seems, to mess up our days, our hair and our abilities to drive all over the city.

With the first measurable snowfall of the season upon us as of Thursday morning, Toronto residents are now free to embark upon their annual mass-griping session.

Snow. In Canada. Can you believe it?

Flurries should continue throughout the morning across the GTA, according to Environment Canada, tapering off mid-day before coming back with a vengeance.

In total, Toronto can expect to see about 2 cm worth of snow accumulation on the ground by Thursday night — which, if you haven't heard, will be very cold with a windchill-boosted "feels like" temperature of -8 C.

We'll be living under the constant threat of flurries until at least Monday, according to the federal weather agency, though the earlier special weather statement warning of dangerous road conditions has been called off.

Maybe it shouldn't have been.

Judging by their tweets, many residents weren't prepared for snow. Not yet.

The TTC is a total mess, as it often is when weather conditions are even slightly out of the ordinary.

This, in turn, has people raging out over how the TTC can't seem to function under a little bit of snow.

Some people are reticent to go outside at all — and, after last winter, can you blame them?

Others are charmed by the pretty white stuff.

It is, after all, a sign of good cheer to come.

The City of Toronto is sending out salt trucks to deal with slippery roads in some parts of the city. People are nonetheless being reminded all over the place to drive carefully.

"Even for the fully prepared, the first measurable snowfall of the season was still a big shock to the system across southern Ontario," writes The Weather Network.

"The first flakes were already flying amid quickly falling temperatures on Wednesday, with a wet snow lingering into the early hours on Thursday," the Weather Network continues.

"Another and much stronger blast will target the traditional snow belt areas later in the day, with dangerous lake-effect snow lingering all the way through to the weekend."

Oh goody. 

Stay warm, friends. It's only going to get worse from here on out.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez

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