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Hanoi Bistro Does Baldwin Proud

Posted by Paul / May 15, 2008

Hanoi Bistro Beef Broth
Over the past year or so I've become a regular at Hanoi Bistro on Baldwin Street. Having spent a fair bit of time at both U of T and OCAD, I've come to know Baldwin quite well over the past few years. It has a little bit of everything: some Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian. But until about a year ago, you couldn't even grab a decent bowl of pho along the popular restaurant strip. Well thank God Hanoi Bistro came along when it did, because it was just the hit of north Vietnam comfort food that the neighbourhood needed.

Read on about my new Vietnamese favourite, Hanoi Bistro, and see what's been missing on Baldwin for far too long.

OCAD Stages An Evolution

Posted by Paul / May 8, 2008

Well it's that time of year again kids: The OCAD Graduate Exhibition. For one weekend only the entire school becomes a gallery showcasing all OCAD graduate/thesis work from all areas of art and design, including Photography, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Jewellery, Environmental Design, Illustration, and a whole whack of others.

This year's theme is Evolving DNA. "DNA" referring to "Design and Art"... get it? Ya, I'm not a big fan of the name either. Still, OCAD President Sara Diamond explains that the theme highlights exactly what the students are doing with their work: "They're innovative critical thinkers who are redefining what design and art, digital and analog, didactic and abstract, diametrical and authentic, and direct and ambiguous all mean."

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Deep Blue Fish & Chips: I'm Glad You Exist

Posted by Paul / April 22, 2008

Deep Blue Fish & Chips FriesI've been meaning to grab a bite at Deep Blue Fish & Chips for some time now. Since its opening last year, I have been hearing quite a bit of praise from other fellow fish & chips fans. The verdict from them seemed to be: fresh fish, crispy batter, nice people, and some sweet little twists on classic favourites to keep you coming back. The problem is I just never seem to find myself around the Danforth and Broadview area to give them a shot.

Well this weekend I figured, with the gorgeous weather we've been having, it would be a perfect opportunity for a relaxing bike ride around the Danforth. And to cap it all off, a yummy (and filling) lunch at Deep Blue Fish & Chips. Read my full review in our Restaurants section to find out whether the trip was actually worth it.

Craft Burger Keeps It Simple

Posted by Paul / March 11, 2008

Craft Burger in Toronto
There's just nothing quite like a good burger, is there? A fresh ground beef patty, lightly seasoned, and cooked to perfection over a hot grill by a cook who truly values the quality of the product they're about to serve to you.

Though I would never claim to be an expert on this particular food item, I have eaten at my fair share of burger joints in Toronto. And throughout my searching for the ultimate burger, I actually came across a rather new establishment that has, quite deservingly, made its way to the top of my list of favourites. That place is Craft Burger.

Get a better taste of (in my humble opinion) one of the best burgers this city has to offer by checking out my review of Craft Burger in our Restaurants section.

Come Up To My Room... Please?

Posted by Paul / February 21, 2008

Come Up To My Room Milkcrates
That's right kids... It's back. It's that time of year again where the Gladstone Hotel asks all of Toronto to Come Up To My Room, and take a look at what wonderfully beautiful (and clever and weird and inspiring and playful and intriguing) projects Canadian artists and designers have thought up.

Curators Pamila Matharu and Christina Zeidler apparently do not curate specific project submissions, but instead trust selected designers and artists based on their past work. And to top it off, neither curator is allowed to see the show before doors open to the public. So either way, you're pretty much guaranteed to see a very wide range of work scattered throughout each of the hotel rooms.

This is the Gladstone's 5th year putting on the event, and much like the last 4 years, this year's lineup of artists and designers looks very promising indeed...

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The Life Aquatic With David Buckland

Posted by Paul / February 11, 2008

Cape Farewell Buckland
So a group of artists, designers, and scientists all sail out to the High Arctic on a 100 year-old schooner to learn first-hand the effects of climate change on our planet... If this sounds like the start of some lame environmental-awareness joke, think again my friends. This actually describes an amazing project initiated by artist and film-maker David Buckland called Cape Farewell. He explains more in depth on his site:

"On board the 100-year old Dutch schooner, The Noorderlicht, Cape Farewell has sailed right to the heart of the debate. From this vantage point the artists and scientists aim to illustrate the workings of this crucial part of the planet, drawing attention to the role ocean currents play and the effect rising CO2 levels and changing weather patterns will have on us all and our climate."

Personally, I've been trying to keep up with the project as much as possible for the past few years. So it will come as no surprise that I am quite excited that Buckland is taking time out of his obviously busy schedule to drop by our fair city this Wednesday to give a talk on the project's progress thus far. The way the weather's going right now, he'll probably feel right at home...

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