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Here's an honest review of the new pizza at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is now serving flatbread pizza for some reason, and it's definitely something.

If you've recently walked into a Tim Hortons, looked at the menu and internally asked yourself "what are they doing?" you're not alone. We noticed the coffee chain's latest perplexing menu item and decided to try it out for ourselves.

The flatbreads, which first appeared on menus temporarily in 2022, are the latest permanent menu item at the chain, joining other bewildering new additions like rice bowls and crispy chicken sandwiches.

There are currently four variations of the flatbreads on offer; Cheese, Pepperoni, Chicken Parmesan and — perhaps most intriguing of all — Bacon Everything, and we ordered one of each.

Despite being the most interesting in theory, the Bacon Everything flatbread turned out to be one of the more lacklustre options.

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"This is like biting into a bun," blogTO video reporter Taylor Patterson says, noting that the pizza has no tomato sauce on it — so it's essentially bread with cheese melted over it and a sprinkling of Tims bacon on top.

"It just seems kind of random," Taylor concludes.

The best of the pack, according to Taylor, is the Cheese flatbread, though he does note the crust is "kind of spongy," and "not toasted at all."

"If you compare this to other pizzas it obviously does not compare," he says, "but if you're comparing it to a 7-11 type, it's not bad."

As for the Pepperoni and Chicken Parmesan pizzas, Taylor's review is the same: "that ain't it." 

The pepperoni used was, in Taylor's opinion, too sweet for his liking, and the chicken on the Chicken Parmesan is, ostensibly, the same used in menu items like wraps and the aforementioned rice bowls.

All in all, the pizzas seem to wildly under-perform, with Taylor's top-ranked pizza (Cheese) earning a generous six-point-five out of ten. Bacon Everything managed to rank in at a five-point-five, and both the Pepperoni and Chicken Parmesan tied for last at a five.

In Taylor's own words, "if you still want to go try it, be my guest," but you'll probably be better off splurging on a pie from an actual pizza place. Maybe it's time to stick to coffee and doughnuts, Tim Hortons.

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Taylor Patterson

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