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Toronto's newest takeout spot does seafood sandwiches

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 22, 2014

Little Fin TorontoThe same hospitality group behind The Chase Fish & Oyster and Colette have opened the doors to their much-anticipated take-out spot serving creative sandwiches stuffed with all sorts of seafood.

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Where Drake and Jose Bautista get their suits made

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / October 21, 2014

garrison bespoke torontoFor three years, this little shop on Wellington has been turning out custom-crafted suits for Bay Streeters, creative professionals, pro athletes, Drake, and everybody in between. They've even done some high-flying feats of tailoring, including creating a bulletproof suit, and a custom suit for TFC players that's so comfy they can even play soccer in it. (If your resume's not that illustrious, don't worry - you can snag their most basic suit for just under a grand.)

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New Yorkville sushi bar is worth the splurge

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 21, 2014

kujiraAt this new restaurant on Cumberland, sushi is carefully crafted with a balance of flavours. Soy sauce is hardly necessary when each piece arrives with garnishes like arugula pesto, piquant jalapenos or apple purée. In addition to the raw offerings, there are deep bowls of udon soup loaded with karaage.

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Where to eat a $45 bagel smothered in caviar

Posted by Liora Ipsum / October 20, 2014

schmaltz torontoEverything you need to host an over-indulgent Jewish-style brunch is in stock at this new outlet from chef Anthony Rose. At the crux of the concept is the humble bagel and every possible nosherye to dress them up. From cheeses and schmears to smoked, cured and pickled fishes and caviar, the whole store is available in bulk to go - or to be made into thick bagel sandwiches behind the counter.

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Beloved Leslieville bakery expands uptown

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / October 19, 2014

bobbette belle yonge torontoThe duo behind one of Leslieville's most successful bakeries started out making lavish wedding cakes - but found that Torontonians were just as likely to pop into the shop on an average day for a scone and a coffee. Their retail expansion efforts have taken them to Yonge and Lawrence, bringing with them a host of carefully-refined recipes for macarons, scones, bread puddings, and other sweets.

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Where to buy YYZ hats and $1200 sneakers on Queen

Posted by Alex Brown / October 18, 2014

get fresh torontoThis year-old Queen West boutique, dedicated to high-end streetwear and killer sneakers, is also home to an in-house streetwear brand. They've even established a new must-have Toronto accessory: The "YYZ" hat. On top of that, they host pop-ups for exclusive brands, have some super famous fans, and will soon be installing a Hennessy lounge in-store.

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