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Culture + Events Editor

Aubrey Jax is a writer and editor who dreams that Toronto's cassette labels would join in on the press release game, has perpetual swimmer's ear, and wants to steal your tea based cocktail recipes. Find her hunting clove based perfumes to combat the perpetual smell of Goodwill, laughing at her own jokes, stalking pugs, DJing Toronto's dankest corners as DJ Aubrey Drake Beardsley, and being one of those terrible people who keeps changing the radio station because the static sounds interesting.

Chris is blogTO’s resident city writer, history buff, and curios curator. A proud east-ender, he writes about everything that goes on (or has ever gone on) in Toronto and has an unshakable preoccupation with the TTC. Chris loves the saag paneer at Little India’s Udupi Palace and the espresso at Rooster Coffee House on Broadview, but not at the same time.

Derek left an academic career to indulge his fascination with all things Toronto. When not searching the Toronto Archives for vintage images of the city or hanging around at Midfield Wine Bar, he can be found photographing forgotten places like old motels, slab apartment buildings and railway lands.

Erinn Beth Langille
Staff Writer

With almost ten years in the Toronto food industry, Nova Scotian-born writer Erinn Beth Langille has a tale or two of restaurant life. When she's not eating she's writing, publishing with Maclean's and Bad Day amongst others, or at work on her novel.

Jen Hunter trained as a sommelier with the ISG here in Hogtown before traveling to Europe to further her oenophiliac dreams. Since returning, she’s been spending her spare time playing old funk, soul, and afrobeat in the corner of some of the city’s favourite bars. She’s usually spotted picking up something for dinner from Hooked in Kensington, or walking her dog in the park.

Staff Photographer

This Sriracha-addicted photographer spends his time taking photos of any and everything, to the point where his friends consider it annoying. He's a lover of burgers, hater of TTC, and don't even get him started on cilantro. If he's not biking all over the city to find the perfect latte, he's probably scrolling through his Instagram feed.

Liora is a graphic designer and art director by trade with a passion for home cooking, entertaining and sharing ideas, cultures and values over good food and drinks. When she first moved downtown from the suburbs as a teen, her family commented "your poor grandmother spent her whole life trying to get out of Kensington Market and the first thing you do is move back in". If only she were around now to witness the current taco trend...surely she'd approve.

Mauricio is a Mississauga import, 4 years strong. He's a dabbler in politics, a hunter of style and a walker of the streets. If you see the click he's aiming at you. A lover of all things Toronto.

Lifestyle Editor

Nat is a lifestyle writer and proud Danforth resident. She enjoys cycling around Toronto, buying way too many clothes, and eating pretty much anything. After hours, you can find her enjoying fantastic microbrews at C'est What (or good tunes and terrible whiskey at Rancho Relaxo).

Staff Writer

Rick is a third-generation Torontonian with almost thirty years experience as a journalist and photographer. He has written for three of the city's four newspapers, all of its weeklies, and was the daily TV critic at Metro for nearly four years. He has also shot numerous album covers, and will never forget clambering down the side of the Rosedale ravine with Gordon Lightfoot - probably the most Canadian thing he's ever done.

Founder + Publisher

Tim was born in a suburb of Toronto but now lives in Leslieville where he spends time making grits and looking for ripe bananas. He'll happily debate the merits of Bacchus vs. Roti Lady but laments he no longer lives close to either. When not downloading apps he doesn't use he wonders why he doesn't play badminton or dig for treasure on Cherry Beach.

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