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Drake's son is going to be a basketball star one day but for now he's just adorable

Many celeb parents fight hard to keep their kids out of the limelight, but not hometown icon Drake, who has been documenting the adorable childhood milestones of his four-year-old son Adonis.

In the latest window into the family life of Drake, the homegrown hip-hop superstar showed off young Adonis'sĀ burgeoning basketball skills on the fabled hardwood of the Bridle Path mansion known as 'The Embassy.'

Rocking a LeBron James Lakers jersey (he's been a fan from the beginning) and a pair of Jordan 5 Retro GS, Adonis was recorded running through drills, and while his game is clearly still developing at such a young age, his on-court swagger appears to have reached starting-five levels.

Drizzy himself can be heard in the background giving an approving, fatherly "mmhmm" as his pride and joy sets up for a pass and calls for the ball like a seasoned athlete. Even when Adonis stumbles and needs another try, Drake cheers him on in his expert-level dad voice, saying, "reset, reset, reset, good stuff. Let's go, one, two, and we out to the crib."

Adonis catches the pass this time, storms the paint, and sinks the bucket. His #1 fan and #1 recording artist father turns up the intensity, shouting "TO THE CRIB!"

This isn't the first time young Adonis has shown off his skills on the hardwood, recorded sinking an early-career bucket back in May 2021 and again later that year on the same hallowed grounds where Drake hosts his own basketball league.

And when he's not tearing it up on his dad's mansion court, Adonis has been spotted courtside at Raptors games brushing shoulders with NBA stars, priming the youngster for some real success later in life.

Going pro one day may seem like a wild dream, but it probably doesn't hurt a kid's ability to pursue such lofty ambitions when you've got a father with a net worth in excess of a quarter billion dollars.

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