8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

This is what $11 million will get you in Brampton

Everyone knows real estate in Toronto is wild.

There are tiny houses with only two bedrooms going for almost $2 million, homes that are only 11-feet wide going for $300K over asking, and literal death traps of a house raising their asking price.

So it's understandable that buying a home outside the city proper is starting to look more and more promising, especially if you're looking for a Drake-worthy luxury home (that doesn't come with the Drake price tag). 

Which means we're starting to see more and more of these luxury mansions crop up in places like Aurora, King, Markham, Vaughan — and now Brampton. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The kitchen and family room. 

And so while $11 million in Toronto can get you a pretty spectacular home, in Brampton, it'll allow you to get a next level kind of mansion. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The primary ensuite bathroom. 

8 Grafton Cres. is a sprawling six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home in Castlemore Estates. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The foyer. 

Listed for $10,998,000, the house boasts more than 9,500 square feet of living space, two acres of land, and enough parking space for more than 25 cars.

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

An office overlooking the yard. 

There are grocery store parking lots in Toronto that don't even have that much space!

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The grand entrance. 

The exterior of the home is timeless with a bit of an Old World flair, while the interior is massive with soaring ceilings, an open concept floor plan and oversized windows that let in plenty of natural light. 8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The dining room. 

It has pretty much everything you'd expect from a luxury home, including custom herringbone wood floors, stone feature walls, marble heated floors, and custom lighting. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The living room with two-storey windows.

The principal rooms look like something out of a brochure, and the kitchen might as well be part of a show home. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The main kitchen. 

It's actually two kitchens. The first is the main kitchen, but tucked behind that is a "spice kitchen," which if you didn't know is meant to keep the smell of spices – especially ones with a strong odour – away from the rest of your home while cooking.

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The spice kitchen. 

Yup, it's true. If you're really wealthy, you can afford to not have your home smell like garlic and fish sauce. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

One of the bedrooms. 

The bedrooms are all spacious and each have their own ensuite. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The primary bedroom. 

The primary bedroom has a gas fireplace, seating area, and an ensuite that looks like a luxury spa. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The pool with water features. 

But the true sign this home is Drake-worthy is the the outdoor area. 

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

An aerial shot of the property. 

The basketball court alone is pretty stunning but there's also a hot tub, firepit, cabana, indoor and outdoor showers, plus a saltwater pool.  

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The walk-out from the basement. 

The backyard is, of course, also perfectly landscaped.  

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

A covered sitting area by the pool. 

The only blemish on this otherwise-pristine mansion is the fact that it's in Brampton, sometimes known as the "Florida of Ontario."

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The sitting area in the primary bedroom. 

Brampton definitely gets a bad rap from other communities across the GTA, but it's on an upward trend with lots of great food, green space, a new sports stadium and will soon be getting regular weekend GO train service

8 Grafton Cres. Brampton

The back of the house. 

However, in real estate it's always location, location, location, and unfortunately, Brampton isn't yet a desirable location, so we wouldn't be surprised if this house goes for well below asking. 

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