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Doug Ford's daughter suggests Justin Bieber's illness is somehow vaccine-related

Doug Ford's eldest daughter Krista was not holding back on her far-right fringe conspiracy theories in the run-up to the 2022 Ontario election, but it seemed she's saved her most ridiculous tinfoil hat musings for after her daddy won his landslide majority government.

Krista Haynes (née Ford) is trying to falsely convince her over 43,000 Instagram followers that Justin Bieber's much-publicized illness is in some way connected to a COVID vaccination.

After sharing details about his battle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Biebs is now a target of Krista, who took aim at the 28-year-old singer in an IG story.

Her accusation ties into a prevalent and utterly baseless conspiracy theory pushed by anti-vaxxers en masse since Bieber explained his illness, wildly speculating that the diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is in some way connected to his vaccination against COVID-19.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and its much-discussed symptom of facial paralysis are, in fact, a complication of the varicella-zoster or shingles virus, the same infection that causes chickenpox. Varicella-zoster is in no way related to the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus that causes COVID.

Connecting these two unrelated viruses is a stretch, but it's very on-brand for the premier's daughter, and really just another addition to the list for what amounts to the Canadian trailer park version of far-right U.S conspiracy peddler Alex Jones.

Taking aim at a pop star with a rabidly devoted fanbase may get you a bit of attention on social media, but it isn't always going to be positive.

Anyone surprised by this latest Krista theory reveal really hasn't been paying attention.

For a quick recap, this is the same outspoken anti-vax conspiracy theorist who compared lockdowns to slavery, offered tips on how to render masks useless in a petty protest move, and thinks COVID testing is some wild government plot to steal your DNA.

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