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Doug Ford's daughter weighed in on gun control debate because of course she did

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's introduction of sweeping new gun control legislation on Monday has been met with a mixed reception, the harshest measures tabled in decades spurring a wave of political debate and commentary.

Trudeau's Bill C-21 includes a national freeze on handgun sales, takes gun licences away from known abusers, adds harsher penalties for gun smugglers, creates a requirement that long-gun magazines be permanently altered to hold no more than five rounds, and bans the sale of high capacity magazines under the Criminal Code.

This move isn't sitting well with one notable far-right political commentator, who just so happens to be the controversial eldest daughter of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Krista Ford-Haynes went off on Instagram, saying (in all caps, of course) that "this has nothing to do with gun crime and everything to do with stripping citizens of their right to own firearms. Easy tyranny when your citizens can't revolt."

This statement could possibly be interpreted by some as an immediate family member of an elected leader advocating for armed revolt against a government, which is a pretty wild sequence of words.

It's just the latest nonsense from the black sheep in the Ford political dynasty, which has included anti-vax rants and memes, a challenge for her father to "grow a pair" for apparently not being conservative enough, and tips on how to render face coverings useless to cheat mask mandates.

But at least Krista wasn't visibly sweating for this text-only rant.

The reception to her views really depends on where you're looking. On her Instagram feed, where she can be seen posing next to a vehicle with a "F*CK Trudeau" sticker, comments on recent photos are mostly supportive of her views.

It's a different story on Twitter, where commenters have picked apart her all-caps freedom rant. One points out that she seems to be confusing U.S. "rights" with Canadian privileges.

Another commenter poked fun at gun rights becoming just the latest addition to a long list of complex social and political issues on which Krista is an apparent expert.

Commenters are over her tinfoil hat opinions on Bill C-21, legislation that comes in the wake of yet another tragic U.S. mass school shooting, a type of event that underscores how vital Canadian gun laws are in preventing meaningless bloodshed.

Krista doesn't speak for all conservatives, though, with former Ontario PC leader and current Toronto Mayor John Tory among the voices on the right side of the aisle speaking in favour of the gun control legislation.

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