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Doug Ford's daughter Krista tells Ontario to grow a pair in yet another anti-vax rant

Krista Haynes (née Ford) might need a quick refresher in the basics of human anatomy, suggesting that Ontario — and by association her own biological father, premier Doug Ford — needs to "grow a pair" in her latest social media rant.

It seems that the premier's eldest daughter makes headlines almost weekly these days, her controversial opinions on the pandemic and public response measures a discussion topic as they starkly contrast the official positions of her father and his leadership of the Ontario government.

After drawing attention with several rants and written social media posts publicly criticizing Ontario policy — all while tiptoeing around namedropping her dad — and not making the cut for the family Christmas card, Haynes' latest Instagram post is pressuring her followers to take a stand against vaccine certificates.

Krista (or Qrista, as critics playfully call her in reference to the QAnon movement) suggests a "super simple" method for civil disobedience, recommending fellow and prospective anti-vaxxers "ditch the QR code. Simply do not provide it. Don't download the app."

"Those who've complied are getting frustrated and are seeing the light. Many have been asking 'how' they can stop this cycle," said Haynes, before asking supporters not to "show proof you're V'd up."

The post continues with language typical of the far-right sovereign citizen/freedom movements, saying "We're human. We're sovereign. You do not need a pass to get into any place, anywhere. Our pass comes from our Charter of Rights."

Haynes closes out her latest rant with a few lines that could easily be interpreted as a direct attack on her father's leadership, saying, "We The People out number [sic] the tyrants. The Government serves us. We do NOT serve them. Remember that. It's time to grow a pair Ontario."

So did Krista Ford just call her father a tyrant and tell him to grow a pair? It certainly sounds that way.

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