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Disturbing video shows Toronto car theft suspect slam into cop and send him flying

York Regional Police have just released a startling, unnerving video that shows the moment two suspects attempted to flee authorities in a stolen vehicle — and struck an officer dead-on in the process.

In a news release Friday, the force detailed how, on the morning of April 30, they located two stolen cars near Overlea Boulevard and Thorncliffe Park in East York.

As the cops — police dogs among them — moved in to apprehend the suspects involved, one of the two criminals managed to escape in an SUV that they then used to speed directly toward officers.

Both a police vehicle and an officer on foot were hit, with the officer sent flying, as seen in a security video shared as part of the release today.

In the clip, the offender can be seen maneuvering the SUV through a parking lot and around another vehicle before heading to the road, dodging a pickup truck and descending off the curb onto the street.

Meanwhile, an officer approaches running on a diagonal from the front, realizing at the last second that the driver was not going to stop or even slow down despite having a uniformed pedestrian standing directly in the car's path.

The member of the force then stops in his tracks and puts his arms out in front of him to brace for impact. He is struck at what looks to be a fairly high rate of speed and is sent careening into the air, travelling over the windshield and off the passenger's side of the grey SUV and tumbling onto the ground.

Though the footage is enough to evoke a gasp, the force writes that the officer only sustained minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital and released soon after.

After crashing the car into a building during his getaway, the suspect continued to flee and is still at large. He is described as a brown-skinned male with a thin build, black hair and a height of around 5'8".

His accomplice, 18-year-old Toronto man Ahmed Abdul-Wasee, is now in custody after a short pursuit on foot and faces a raft of charges: two counts of motor vehicle theft, three counts of possession of property obtained by crime, two counts of trafficking property obtained by crime, two counts of failing to comply with undertaking and two counts of possessing an automobile master key.

Anyone with information on the outstanding suspect and/or the crime is being asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers immediately.

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