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Doug Ford's daughter offers anti-vaxxers tips on how to cheat Ontario mask mandates

As Doug Ford prepares to roll back public health mandates, the premier's eldest daughter remains one of his most vocal critics while carefully avoiding any mention of his name.

Krista Haynes (née Ford) has become known for her indulgence in wild anti-vax conspiracy theories, public support for anti-mandate groups, participation in the recent trucker convoy protest, and pioneering the sweaty anti-vax cardio rant.

Her hardline views would barely register if it weren't for the fact that these stances fly in the face of her premier father's.

And now she's at it again.

In a rambling, over-nine-minute-long video posted to Haynes' Instagram account Wednesday afternoon, the self-proclaimed "smiling advocate" (she says this so many times) claims that mask mandates were something she was just not "willing to participate in."

Recalling how she's hardly worn a mask throughout the pandemic, Haynes notes that she only faced one confrontation after going unmasked to a Shoppers Drug Mart. Kind of understandable given the vulnerable, sick people drawn to pharmacies for testing or treatment.

She offers her followers tips like instructing them to "just smile" when confronted by other patrons and store staff for violating the mandate.

Sure, Krista. You're already unmasked in a place for sick people, but why don't you open your mouth a little more to smile. That will help. Yikes.

While she notes that "there definitely are stores that offer exemptions and stores that just don't care," Haynes hints that it hasn't always been easy and convenient to go out shopping as an unrepentant mask-resister among more cooperative patrons who don't appreciate being unnecessarily exposed on account of her misinformed beliefs.

Krista explains that she was headed to Costco at the time the video was recorded, but she has a "solution" for such stores that are firm on adhering to mask mandates, even if this solution does little or nothing to protect other customers and staff from the almost certainly unvaxxed Haynes.

She shows off her clear plastic "mingle mask," already an ineffective way of preventing the spread of COVID-19. But this is the anti-vax queen of Ontario, after all, so she went and cut off the top of the mask because she "literally gets really dizzy," making the partial face covering even more useless.

Her nose is fully exposed, and the condensation from her breath reveals that nothing is being contained. But this is clearly a move to skirt the rules rather than protect fellow shoppers.

And it must be working for her. In the post, she remarks that she's put this Potemkin protector over her face when confronted about being unmasked in stores, and the situation almost always de-escalates from there.

Our hearts go out to these unfortunate store and restaurant employees who just can't be bothered to argue with another privileged customer in their already high-risk jobs.

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