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Doug Ford's daughter is out protesting with the trucker convoy in Toronto

According to her Instagram profile, she loves freedom, Jesus, and the police (at least before they canned her cop husband), but Doug Ford's eldest daughter Krista is no fan of the public health restrictions being imposed in Ontario and beyond.

It's not uncommon to see Krista Haynes (née Ford) chime in on issues related to lockdowns and vaccine mandates, and once again, her steadfast opposition to these restrictions starkly contrast the public health messages sent out by her premier father.

In a series of stories posted to Krista's IG (which she has recently switched from private to public — rejoice!) the fitness enthusiast-turned political activist has made her support for the "Truckers Freedom Convoy" well known.

But it's the most recent in the string of videos that shows she's taken her support of this protest from social media sharing to active participation, as she announces that she's headed out to cheerlead the truckers in person — all as they wreak havoc on Toronto area traffic on their trek to Ottawa.

"We are going to Guelph Line now because we hear that one is awesome. Highway 25, Milton, you guys rock. I know that there are people around Ontario now that are all standing by the bridges. We love you guys, stay strong. Muah," Haynes tells supporters.

Soon after, she would arrive at the protest (Gadsden Flag in tow) posting more videos to her IG story and even an album posing — unmasked, of course — with fellow demonstrators.

Accompanying her album, Krista shared a caption with her followers, saying, "Today was a damn good day."

"I had a moment to walk to the bottom of the bridge to look up and simply admire the hundreds of beautiful faces that showed up to stand for our freedoms, a moment I wanted to soak in and engrave as a memory. It was so beautiful to watch everyone come together and unite."

Despite photos that show an overwhelmingly homogenous crowd, and accusations from anti-hate organizations that the convoy is rife with undercurrents of Islamophobia, antisemitism, and other forms of racism — even earning the hashtag #FluTruxClan along the way — Haynes seems to go out of her way to note the diversity of the crowd she encountered.

"From strollers to walkers, all different races and religions coming together to keep our freedoms. That is what humanity is about. There is nothing more electric and powerful than we the people uniting under one house. We are stronger united together. We've got bigger fish to fry still my friends - hold the line, keep the energy alive + hang on," the post reads.

While there are throngs out participating in welcoming the convoy to the Toronto area, it's hard not to pay special attention to this one outspoken protestor, who just so happens to be the offspring of a premier who, at least on the surface, stands by the very vaccination mandates these truckers are opposing.

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