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Toronto neighbourhood tired of all the noise from outdoor concerts

As the season for outdoor concerts and drive-ins winds down, there are a few Toronto residents who have had enough from one venue.

During lockdown, drive-ins offered an opportunity for people see movies and live music again. But now that restrictions are easing and people can go to indoor events again, some are hoping the noise can go back inside too.

Residents in Leslieville took to social media to comment on the noise emanating from City View Drive-In at Polson Pier last weekend.

"These damn concerts sound like they are next door and actually shake my walls," wrote one person on the Facebook group, I am a Leslievillian!

Some people suggested the City View venue set up was causing sound leakage and that they could silence it with sound sails.

Others said residents should cut City View some slack.

"I can see if it was going all night but it stops at 11 so unfortunately for y'all, too bad. Like I get it to a certain extent but I feel like people are just complaining to complain at this point."

City View Drive-In did not respond to requests for comment.

However, Toronto Councillor Ward 14, Paula Fletcher, tells blogTO there were more than 200 noise complaints between Saturday and Tuesday. Fletcher adds that the city's new noise bylaw is "not community friendly."

The bylaw states that bylaw enforcement officers will measure noise from music venues.

"Measurement will be taken by trained staff from the point where the noise is heard and compared against the standards as identified in the bylaw. Ambient (background noise) will be taken into consideration when conducting measurements," the bylaw states.

But Fletcher notes that is no one receiving complaints between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. when the enforcement team is working.

So for now residents may have to just put up with the noise and look forward to winter when concerts will move inside.

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