Rynecologist and Meech

Rynecologist's Wrongbar Dance Party

Queen Street's population disappeared on Saturday night and it wasn't until midnight that I realized everyone had gone to Wrongbar for Rynecologist's mix tape release party.

With amazing local Dj's Rynecologist, Meech and Nasty Nav, Wrongbar kept the west end up all night with uncontrollable dance evoking beats.

Wrongbar was dead at 11pm. I sat around the sides of the venue adjusting my camera - disappointed in the 150 people who said they were attending the event on Facebook but didn't show. Toronto DJ Meech had already begun his set, but no one was there to enjoy it except staff and maybe 20 or so attendees.

By 11:50pm, I stepped out of the venue to walk around for a little while. It's always awkward being alone at a club, especially if there aren't a lot of people in the venue. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're lucky. I didn't expect things to change, so when it started to rain I ran for cover in my car. At around 12:20am, I thought I should head back to the venue to see if Rynecologist was on. When I stepped around to the corner of Queen Street West, I saw a line that ran down the sidewalk into Wrongbar.

Thankfully I had my wrist stamped so I didn't need to wait. I stumbled in past the stuffy entrance to a packed venue. Meech was still playing his set - except now it was to a room of trendy street peeps who found it hard to contain physical movement. The careless cheerful crowd reminded me of a time I went to the Drake for "More Proof: Locals Only." I hadn't seen Wrongbar this packed...ever. I took the opportunity to start snapping pictures of some of my favourite dancers in the crowd.

Disco lights circled the room, lasers spread across the floor, and strobe lights made movements appealing to watch. Rynecologist was on by now, and the stage was full of attention-seeking dancers... who just love being watched. Both Rynecologist and Meech threw their arrangements of remixed classics to the crowd. It was wild.

This would have been a great event to go to with a group of friends! Next time either of these two headline an event, I'm totally bringing my dance crew with me. My highlight songs of the night were Arcade Fire - Wake Up, and one of my all time favourites, Modjo - Lady

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