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Recently a good friend of mine and one of Toronto's finest up and coming b-boys, Frost Flow, was featured in a music video for the track Transcontinental Hustle by Montreal's own JSN I have to say that I liked the track so much that its on my practice playlist! I had a chance to chat with JSN about his music, the new video, and his upcoming projects.

How did you get into electronica/break beats?

I used to program/sequence my own beats ages ago using ghetto MS-DOS software called Scream Tracker. In high school I was in a "Band", but we could only really play 1 Smashing Pumpkins cover so that didn't really reach any rock star ambitions. But then I go stucked into the whole d&b craze of the 90s (roni size breakbeat era ltj) and the idm business (aphex twin squarepusher) also...which led me to start playing with software and hardware to make my own beats.

How would you describe your music?

I don't really like to pigeonhole my music into a static description cos it's constantly changing (for the better I hope)...like I just got myself some gear to record more guitars, real instruments, and organic sounds that I want to get more into for future tracks. But I guess in the past year I've been doing a lot of what you might call "electronic dance music"...although I kind of cringe when I hear that term.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I think pre-swan-dress Bjork raised my awareness to a lot of different artists through her collaborations and remixes. She's worked with everybody from tricky, nellee hooper, beastie boys, funkstorung, rza, matmos, thom yorke, beck.. and they're all artists I can really appreciate and be inspired from as well. but I also have a big respect for producers like timbaland & the neptunes (in the late 90s-early 00s), artists like trent reznor, aphex twin, sigur ros and the wu-tang clan.

Usually when you see breaking in a music video, its only for a split
second of a headspin or a flip. What made you decide to make the whole video
focus purely on Frost dancing with an original b-boy style?

Well, I've always had huge respect for b-boys and breakdancin' culture..in an almost envious way. I downloaded some 80s video clips on learning how to breakdance but I never got past six-steppin...or kind of six-steppin. But I have to give credit to Winston Hacking who directed the video and Frost Flow for breakin in the video. I posted a msg on myspace about wanting someone to breakdance to my track and Winston approached me to do a video Transcontinental Hustle. I was like "sure man!" so I basically gave him free reign on whatever he wanted to do with the track..you should also interview him about making the video!

How has the response been since the release of the video?

Response has been good...I'm gettin some love from Montreal to Seattle.

Do you have any projects that we should be on the look out for in the
near future?

I'm working on some new material for an upcoming EP and possibly a new video (directed by yours truly). But It's really all in the works so I probably should just keep my mouth shut until I actually deliver.

Any last words or shout outs?

Big shout out to everybody who worked on the video, WinstonHacking.com, Frost Flow, Matt Johnson from KarmaPixel, Barry Cheong, the T-Dot, the 514 area, Shannon Doherty. and everybody who reads this blog should add me on MYSPACE.COM/JSN ! cheers.

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