Murdered City Music Festival: Night One

You've got your thunder, your lighting, your torrential rains, and your entire room of sweaty kids shouting, "HOLY F#!$! HOLY F$@$! HOLY F#@$@#$!!!!"

The Murdered City Music Festival kicked off last night in grand fashion within the small confines of the Ford Plant. An excellent turn-out before the first band even took the stage told me: i) this will be good times and, ii) this will be sweaty times.

The first band was Guelph's rising 4-piece, The D'Urbervilles. In a packed room with a small stage, their trademark opening number moved on forward as two members stretched into the crowd, snapped their fingers and shouted "SHARKS! JETS!" back and forth. After a few songs, the shirts had to come off as the heat was somewhat unbearable at times. However, they came dressed for the occasion (sporting cut-offs for pants).

Following them was Toronto's The Diableros. The band is slowly rising to fame with their release 'You Can't Break The Strings In Our Olympic Hearts'. The band played songs from the record, plus some new ones that they've been playing on the road. A good way to hear them would be to listen to their CBC RADIO 3 session by clicking here.


The room emptied so those could get some air and check out the ferocious thunder activity on the other end of town by simply looking out towards the sky. Only moments later would Ninja High School rein the Ford Plant stage and begin the dance party everyone had been waiting for. The sweat and beading eyes began to come about as positive-core rap destroyers played to the Ford Plant faithful. Once the group kicked their set into gear, the powerful weather system from the distance had made its way over to Brantford and dropped a ridiculous amount of rain. It was probably one of the better experiences the Ford Plant had ever witnessed.

Ending the night was Holy F!@$!, and HOLY F#$!, indeed! DAMN! It was impossible to even MOVE inside the Ford Plant at this point. The electro-power force from Toronto was as tight and solid as anyone could have told you they were. Using creative technique to make distorted (but amplified) sounds TIMES 10, a great bassist and a fantastic drummer, the band managed to fog up the windows, get half the shirts off in the room, and have everyone dancing.

Night One was ruthless, but "ruthless" translates to "sweaty and wonderful."

Three nights left to go!

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