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Morning Radio Wake Up

Behold! My humble hi-fi music system.

There's my 10-year-old stereo (complete with now obsolete double cassette decks) and my nifty 20GB iPod on top. Check the lo-fi iPod Stand made from an old CD jewel case. The music system ain't much but it does the job.

But what doesn't do the job (for me at least) is the lack to commercial urban radio station options when it comes to getting me up in the morning. Nothing against "Toronto's Hip-Hop and R&B" but I've long come to the conclusion that I'm outside of their target "all 50 Cent all the time" demographic.

Here comes good ol' community radio to save the day. Between CKLN 88.1, CIUT 89.5 and CHRY 105.5. I've got my mornings covered. Each new day bring a different mix of "urban music" (damned if I don't hate the term). My listening week usually goes like this:


Show Type: Reggae/Dance Mix
Hosts: King Turbo crew

Featuring Reggae DJ Crew King Turbo, Morning Ride is a wicked dose of Reggae music to start off the work week. I love and appreciate the music even more now thanks to this show.


Show Type: Complete Urban Music Mix
Host:DJ Dred-E Maximum

I used to hate on this show because it replaced Black Roots Radio, a hardcore Reggae show that has since passed on. But I've warmed to the show, which usually plays a heaping helping of house, jungle and drum &bass music. Once in a while you'll hear some hip-hop and old-school in the mix.


Show Type:Reggae
Host:DB Hawkes

More Reggae for your ears. DB Hawkes is a mainstay in the live Reggae concert community. If you can get over his slightly over-the-top self-deprecating humour, you'll bear witness to some solid live recordings of local Reggae shows. Good stuff.


Late risers (lucky you) should check out "Liming in de Africa Diaspora" on CKLN from 11am-2pm. Host Verlia usually kicks things off with some Afro-Beat before delving into classic and modern calpyso and soca tracks. Love this show.


Show Type: Urban Mix
Hosts: Dj Chief and Court Jester

Worldwide has got Thursday mornings on lock. They play a LOT of soca/calypso but that's not a bad thing at all. They usually break new Hip-Hop and R&B as well.


If you get up around 11am, peep "Urban Space" (CKLN) for the best in Reggae music. Host Tony and Sweet T bring the Foundation-Reggae-Roots-Rock-LoversRock-RockSteady and bring it right.


You Got Soul (CHRY)
Hosts: ???

I know that this list has been heavy on CIUT and CKLN. But that's only because I can never get a good reception for CHRY unless I'm on my laptop. That said, I have now been checking out this CHRY show that claims to be "soulful music of yesterday combined with the evolution of the same groove today. Each week is a different groove with a different move." Not bad.

And there you have it. Between this and my trusty iPod, I never have to listen to "mainstream" music in the morning ever again.

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