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Jason Momoa says he loves Toronto before leaving the city after more than a year

Jason Momoa's time in Toronto is finally coming to an end. 

The actor has been in the city filming two separate projects for more than a year, albeit not without brief interruptions courtesy of COVID-19, and it was starting to look like he might just relocate to Toronto permanently. 

But fans hoping Momoa would officially become a Torontonian will be sad to know that he has completed filming his parts for both the Apple TV+ series See and his new Netflix movie Slumberland.

As a result, he's now officially leaving the city to work on Aquaman 2

Ahead of his departure, the actor was spotted walking his dog Rama around the city this week during one of his final outings in Toronto.

Momoa also posted an Instagram story confirming he'd be departing Toronto, but not without expressing his love for the city he's called home for the last year or so.


Momoa made quite an impact during his extended stay in Toronto by posing with adoring fans, hitting up local businesses and riding around on his motorcycle

Countless residents also had the pleasure of spotting the burly heartthrob in the Ossington area, Kensington Market and more as he took advantage of all that the city has to offer. 

And while we're certainly sad to see him go, I'm sure we can all agree that it was a pleasure to have Aquaman walking among us.

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