tim hortons pool float

Tim Hortons is now making pool floaties shaped like boxes of Timbits

The ubiquitous Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons continues to experiment with new products, strategies and even infrastructure as it goes head-to-head with an ever-expanding roster of international fast food joints in our home and native land.

From plant-based egg sandwiches to café mocha cereal, the company has done a lot in recent years to push the boundaries of what people eat — but the multinational's latest innovation goes beyond food, drink and even Justin Bieber-branded toques to target our aquatic relaxation activites.

This is all to say that Tim Hortons is making pool floaties now, and they're pretty darned cute tbh.

tim hortons pool float

Towel, mugs and pool floatie not to scale. The floating Timbit box is actually five-feet-long in person. Image via Tim Hortons.

"Everyone will want a selfie with the new Timbits Pool Float, an inflatable, floating version of the iconic Tim Hortons Timbits box," wrote the company in a release when announcing its new summer merch line (yes, Tim Hortons has a "summer merch line" now).

"Whether you're on the way to the beach, a cottage, or to spend time in the great outdoors this long weekend, be sure to stop at Tim Hortons to check out the new Summer Road Trip Collection."

The collection, available starting this Wednesday, June 29 at participating restaurants, also includes a Tims Beach Towel and "Ceramic Camper Mugs."

Pool floats shaped like giant boxes of donut holes will cost you $29.99 plus taxes a piece, while the red and white towels (blue and white in Quebec) will be going for $24.99 plus taxes. The mugs are $10.99 (plus taxes, of course! We do live in Canada).

tim hortons quebec towel

You can purchase either a red and white towel bearing a maple leaf or a blue and white towel marked with fleur-de-lis this summer from Tim Hortons. Image via Tim Hortons.

"What's a summer gathering without a big box of Timbits? Cap off your Tims Run with a float under the sun on a giant inflatable box of Timbits," writes the company of what is obviously the line's standout item.

"Be the talk of the pool or lake with this floatie that measures over five feet long."

Are there cheaper pool floaties out there that are just as cute if not cuter? Sure — but if you're chilling in Muskoka or just of Hanlan's Point Beach in one of these big Timbit boxes, I can almost guarantee people will laugh, wave and maybe even come over for some selfies.

Lead photo by

Tim Hortons

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