loblaw ceo statement

Loblaw CEO says 'enough is enough' in statement to employees about boycott

Canadians who are participating in the month-long boycott against Loblaw stores have decided on a slogan.

"Nok er nok," which loosely translates to "enough is enough" in Loblaw CEO Per Bank's native tongue, Danish, seems to have inspired participants after the grocery executive used it in a statement reportedly shared with Loblaw employees on April 22.

"This turn of phrase feels appropriate lately, as misconceptions about our role in the ongoing food affordability crisis continue," wrote Bank.

The statement, titled "Real Talk: Standing-up for our colleagues and our business," was shared by an anonymous Loblaw worker in the subreddit Loblaws Is Out of Control, which is also the community that organized the boycott.

In it, the CEO addresses the looming protest and what he claims is "misinformation being spread online, in the media and by politicians," about the grocery giant.

"It feels like there's no room for truth," reads the statement.

loblaw ceo statement

Bank goes on to acknowledge that soaring food prices are a serious concern and Canadians are struggling to make ends meet.

But he then rips into the Loblaw boycott, which is set to begin Wednesday.

"We're hearing people (who usually aren't even our customers, by the way) calling for boycotts of our stores or encouraging people to steal… ultimately putting your safety at risk," wrote Bank.

The CEO is referring to posters spotted around Toronto advertising a "Steal from Loblaws Day!"

The signs did not indicate who was organizing the event, and Loblaws Is Out of Control has condemned it.

"While we are more than aware that times are tough for Canadians, we encourage our peers to adhere to local laws and raise their concerns via proper channels," a group member said. "This is not the way to have your voice heard."

The Reddit community encourages Canadians to participate in "Local Grocer Day!" instead, which will take place on May 12, the same day as "Steal from Loblaws Day!" supposedly will happen.

Bank then criticizes Canada's leaders for "championing foreign grocery companies" instead of advocating for Canadian businesses.

"That's what makes this situation so frustrating," he wrote. "Not only are we being unfairly blamed, we're also not getting credit for the value we are providing."

The statement continues to list facts about inflation and how Loblaw says it's trying to contain costs while generating value.

loblaw ceo statement

One of Bank's main talking points is that the cause of food inflation is outside of the corporation's control, echoing what Loblaw President Galen Weston Jr. said last year.

"I know this is a tough situation, but like I said, nok er nok," the CEO ended the statement. "We're doing so much to make the situation better, and you should be proud of everything you're doing. Please don't let up!"

loblaw ceo statement

Canadians aren't buying it

Canadians didn't shy away from responding to the CEO's statement on Reddit.

"'We're not getting credit for the value we are providing' is the most dystopian capitalistic sh*t I've ever heard," reads one comment.

"Looks like they're getting scared, it's working. Keep up the good work! Let's make sure they know we are serious and have had enough," added another Redditor.

Boycotters are now appropriating Bank's "nok er nok" saying for themselves.

"I can't believe their own CEO gave us the perfect slogan," reads a post on the Reddit community Loblaws Is Out of Control. "RIPE for co-opting. Oh yes, Per Bank. Nok er nok, indeed."

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Bank said he takes customer complaints seriously and wants to keep them happy. He added that if one customer really dislikes Loblaw, "that's one too many."

He also said that it's easy for customers to "point fingers" at the grocer rather than other major players because it's well-known.

"We are [a] much, much easier target, and we need to live with that and that's fine," he told the news organization.

Loblaw has yet to reply to a request for comment.

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