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Tim Hortons is restocking Timbiebs merch in Toronto

Timbiebs merch from Tim Hortons has been so wildly popular in Toronto that it's been out of stock at many cafes, leading people to resell the toques, totes, fanny packs and even boxes for high prices online.

Like, we're talking in the hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars (though there are some spoof posts out there).

However, Tim's wants you to know that they're working on restocking and encourage you to get your Timbiebs and Timbiebs merch from an actual Tim Hortons.

The merch is a collaboration between Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons in celebration of a line of "Timbiebs" that come in three new flavours. The merch is imprinted with the same special Timbiebs logo that's on the boxes they come in.

"We know that many restaurants sold out of all their merch very quickly – many on the very first day that Timbiebs launched," says Tim Hortons CMO Hope Bagozzi.

If your local Tim Hortons sold out of the merch and you're out of luck, Tim Hortons doesn't have much advice for you other than to try, try again.

"We're happy to share that we've given restaurants that have already sold out the ability to order more stock, so we encourage guests to try their local Tims again if merch wasn't available the last time they checked," says Bagozzi.

The coffee chain also advises using their store locator to see what other Tim Hortons stores are near you so you can check with them for merch as well.

"While stock of all Timbiebs merch items is very limited, we hope guests will keep trying other Tims restaurants rather than buying off resellers," says Bagozzi.

Timbiebs merch should still be restocked at Tim Hortons locations in Toronto, but if you really want to get your hands on it, you should probably hurry because supplies are limited.

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