People are now reselling Timbiebs for $1 million

People in Toronto are now reselling Timbiebs on Facebook Marketplace for $1 million and prices close to it, though some offers may be more legit than others.

Empty Timbiebs boxes and merch are listed for sky high prices online, too. 


The ad for $1 million Timbiebs is almost certainly a spoof, though you could always contact the seller to find out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the limited edition  Tim-Biebs timbits approved by the man himself Justin Bieber and by the under 12 years of age Justin Bieber fanboy association," reads the Marketplace ad. 

"Be sure to get your  10 timbits faster than Doug Ford's next lockdown announcement. One of these timbiebs in your mouth will have your tongue singing baby baby."


Things feel like they get a bit more serious at the next price bracket of $5,000 (or best offer), for two "mint condition" Timbiebs boxes with "crumbs included."



Someone else in Guelph is trying to sell an "almost full" box of Timbiebs for $4,985 with a similarly aggressive marketing strategy.

"Don't try to low ball me I know what I have," reads the ad, continuing bizzarely, "Extra pics are $10 each. You don't need any dimensions, it fits, trust me. I also have toilet paper for an extra charge."

There's a considerable price drop past that, an unused Timbiebs box going for $500, a box in "excellent condition" going for $250.

Other boxes in various states and the toques, totes and fanny packs that are also part of the Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons collabs are also reselling for prices in the hundreds.

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