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Doug Ford blames weight gain on ice cream during a stop at Ontario plant

Doug Ford could have blamed a few extra pounds on the stress of governing during repeated lockdowns, but instead he suggested today that ice cream is the culprit.

Ford made a stop in London, Ontario, to break ground on a $41.3 million expansion of the Nestlé Canada plant. The factory is growing from 26,000 square-feet to 1.3 million square feet following an investment of $51.5 million made in 2018.

The expansion will create 100 new production-line jobs, according to Nestlé Canada CEO and president John Carmichael.

Ford joined other officials, touring the current facility and participating in a ceremonial shovel-in-the-ground photo-op.

Despite having a daughter with a cookie and ice cream shop, at the ground-breaking, Ford admitted he is a fan of Häagen-Dazs and Drumstick brands.

"I hold you guys fully responsible for my extra 60 lbs, 'cause at night time I grab that Häagen-Dazs and I go hog-wild," Ford joked.

Ford is not shy about promoting his favourite foods — he often praises Tim Hortons and even showed us all how to make cherry cheesecake.

This isn't even the first time Ford has blamed extra weight on ice cream. During a stop at Kawartha Dairy in Bobcaygeon in 2020, Ford sampled the ice cream, laughed, pointed to his stomach and told workers they were to blame for his size.

He later said he was "supposed to be on a diet."

In the past, that passion for dairy has gotten him in trouble — posting about ice cream during the height of the global health crisis.

With the London plant's 800 employees producing almost 65 million litres of ice cream a year, Ford won't have to worry about running out of the tasty treat any time soon.

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