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Doug Ford is promoting Tim Hortons again and people have thoughts

The return of Tim Hortons' sometimes cute, sometimes nightmarish, once-a-year smile cookies are back, and Ontario Premier Doug Ford's unexpected video promoting the charitable cookie drive is eliciting mixed reactions.

It's no secret that Doug Ford loves his Timmies, professing his love for their "real egg" sandwiches in the middle of a pandemic-related press conference early this year.

His latest ode to the ubiquitous chain looks less like an impromptu plug and more like a full-fledged commercial.

Ford can be seen in the video opening a box with one cookie (we're assuming there were more based on the grease stains) and encouraging Ontarians to buy a smile cookie to support charity.

Some aren't pleased with the idea of a politician promoting a private business, with one commenter even calling out the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario to step in.

Others were a bit less restrained in their criticism.

Some defended the video, arguing that a charitable cause is being promoted. The entire $1 cost of a smile cookie is donated by Tim Hortons to one of over 500 local charities and organizations across Canada.

One person suggested that Doug can wash down that cookie with one of his famous buck-a-beers.

Another tweet with a photo of a particularly odd-looking non-smile cookie comes with the very direct caption, "I'm still not voting for u."

Maybe this new celebrity endorsement is a perfect fit, after all, according to some, Doug Ford is himself a Timbit.

The smile cookies are only around until September 19, but lucky for Doug Ford, the "real egg" isn't going away any time soon.

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