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That time a Toronto student called Doug Ford a Timbit on live television

Tensions were high in Ontario in early December, 2019 after thousands of teachers walked off the job as a result of a failed bargaining process between the  Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) and the Ontario Government.

But teachers and education workers weren't the only ones upset about the way the negotiations has gone. High school students, who were out of school on the morning of Dec. 3 due to the strike were fed up too.

In a live interview on CP24 that morning, a reporter was speaking with a high school student looking for answers on what the school's plan was in the event of strike action.

"I think Doug Ford is a really stubborn man, and he deserves to go to jail," the student responded.

The reporter tried to get the interview back on track when the student hilariously and confidently said, "He's probably thinking about Timbits right now," referring to Premier Doug Ford, "and I'm probably telling him, he is a Timbit himself."

The response has gone down in the history books as one of the most Canadian insults of all time.

Leave it to a high-schooler to give the country the political commentary nobody asked for, yet everybody needed. 

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StefanPowerOver9000. Writing by Olivia Levesque.

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