Tim Hortons smile cookies

Messed up Tim Hortons smile cookies are back in Toronto

Get a smile, give a smile, laugh at grotesque icing faces. Buy a cookie because now you're hungry. Everybody wins when it's Smile Cookie time!

Tim Hortons is back at it again this week with its annual fall fundraising campaign for local charities. You know, the one where they sell $1 chocolate chip cookies with pink mouths and blue eyes? Or, in the case of some cookies, pink smears and blue globs?

The Canadian coffee giant is selling these famous 'Smile Cookies' between now and Friday, at which point 100 per cent of the proceeds will go to charities, hospitals and community organizations across the country.

Customers often dig deep to buy whole batches of little faces for their colleagues and friends, who in turn take pictures of the cookies to flood my Instagram and Twitter feeds with.

The campaign's motto is "Get a Smile, Give a Smile," which throws to the fact that actual Canadians benefit from the sale of each and every cookie.

Indeed, Tim Hortons raised over $6.5 million last year alone with its Smile Cookie campaign, helping countless people through organizations such as The Sick Kids Foundation, The Children's Breakfast Clubs and DAREartsFoundation for Children.

This year, they're also assisting the Toronto-based organizations Canadian Military of Mental Health and Friends of We .

Giving to charity makes people smile. Organizations that benefit from funds raised, like Children's Wish, also make people smile.

But the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign is about so much more than charity. It's about hilariously messed up cookie faces.

It's about cookies that get smushed in the bag en route to their destination.

Some cookies make smiles of their own in the form of duplicate cookie faces.

It's about cookies with dripping eyes.

And cookies that only have one eye, like cyclopes.

Cookies that make you go "NO."

And cookies that make you scream "YASSS!"

It's cookies you can face-swap with.

And cookies you can fail to impress a dog with.

Cookies that you can kind of creep people out with. Like, is it just me, or do these cookies seem agro?

When you look at the adorable cookie pictured in Tim Hortons' marketing materials, these weird faces somehow get even more hilarious.

One might almost wonder if some artists are messing the cookies up on purpose for the lulz.

Hey, no judgement here. The messier the better.

You can still pick one or 50 of these puppies up at Tim Hortons locations all over Canada until Friday.

Hopefully you find funny ones and post pictures of them online for me to laugh at. Get a smile, give a smile, remember? 

Lead photo by

Brian Henderson

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