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Toronto can't stop laughing at wonky Tim Hortons smile cookies

Ubiquitous Canadian doughnut purveyor Tim Hortons is once again raising money for local charities this week by selling happy-face cookies that make people smile. And laugh. And also sometimes have nightmares.

The company's week-long "give a smile, get a smile" campaign kicked off on Monday this year, allowing customers at select locations to purchase chocolate chip cookies with blue eyes and pink mouths for only $1.

Money from the sales of these special cookies in Toronto will be donated this year to a number of worthy community organizations, including The Sick Kids Foundation, The Children's Breakfast Clubs and DAREarts Foundation for Children.

Knowing this, one could be forgiven for thinking that the cookies are decorated by kids.

They're not, though, according to Tim Hortons employees. Adult bakers are responsible for giving faces to the cookies - rows upon rows upon rows of them – which makes me feel a lot less mean for laughing every time I see a wonky one.

The smile cookie initiative has been incredibly well-received across the country, for the most part. Buying one means contributing to a great, local cause, and who doesn't love to eat cookies for charity?

Some of the cookies are beautifully iced, with perfectly proportioned, uniform features.

Many are not.

The sheer volume of limited-edition treats sold across the country makes a 100 percent hand-decorating accuracy rate nearly impossible for Tim Hortons staff.

Fortunately for customers, charity benefactors, and me, imperfect smile cookies can be absolutely hilarious.

Wonky smiles have come to be expected at this point, if not cherished for their... unique style.

It's common to see cookies with unusual facial characteristics produced as part of this campaign, like unibrows, inadvertent sunglasses or triple-sized lips.

The cookies have been noticed to take on a creepy vibe when parts of their faces missing.

Without a mouth, their blue eyes stare intensely into your soul like the Ice King from Game of Thrones.

But the best cookies of all are those that aren't only devoid of smiles, but actually look mad.

Thank you, Tim Hortons.

Lead photo by

Caitlyn Murphy

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