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Doug Ford gives weird shoutout to Tim Hortons' egg sandwich in press conference

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is well known for his love of food. He's posted a full cherry cheesecake recipe, and has made a number of werid social media videos at the McDonald's drive through. 

The latest item to catch his attention is the new Tim Horton's "real egg" sandwich.

The sandwich, which has only been in restaurants for a week, got an unusual shout-out yesterday from Ford, who gave the chain props during a press conference.

"The best thing you guys ever did," Ford said about the coffee chain during the press briefing, "is to make those real egg sandwiches. I used to go eat those other ones. They're the best, those real egg sandwiches, so whoever did that at Timmies, good for you."

Obviously the internet couldn't help themselves. 

Some people questioned Ford's sanity, some his sobriety, and others questioned if the video was even real. 

Parody news site The Beaverton even posted an article claiming that Tim Hortons is now the official sponsor of the premier's press briefings. Wouldn't that be something?

But not everyone is as big a fan of the "real egg" sandwich. In fact, there's an online petition to have Tim Hortons go back to the orginal egg patty. 

"Tim Hortons has removed our beloved egg patty so it could be replaced with some freshly cracked mutiny," writes Sammy Wade in his Change.org petition called "Bring Back the Tims Egg Patty!"

"The freshly cracked egg is gross, rubbery, and stringy for some odd reason. It needs to be put down," adds Wade.

The petition has over 1,600 signatures already siting vividly descriptive objections and terms like "nasty af," "vomit," "very wet," "disgusting," "gross". There's also a bunch of comments about it not smelling good.

I guess Tim Hortons can console itself with the fact that Ford thinks "they're the best."

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