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Doug Ford keeps posting weird social media videos at McDonald's

Doug Ford's food weaknesses appear to include not only cherry cheesecake, but a good ol' greasy McDonald's feed, if his latest social media posts are any indication.

The premier last week shared a video of himself going through the drive-thru of the fast-food giant's location near Minden, during which he took the opportunity to tell excited employees about the government's new plans for improving internet service in Ontario. He also told them that they're doing a great job.

The clip, now viewed more than 70,000 times on Twitter, elicited a ton of response, including some laughs and also a bit of confusion about why, exactly, he decided to post about such a seemingly random interaction.

And now, six days later, Dougie has taken to social media yet again to post about another visit to a McD's, this time to help promote the company's Fries For Good initiative.

"I encourage you to come by McDonald's and buy an order of fries [for] Fries For Good, from November 10th to November 30th," he says to the camera while munching on a large order of them in front of the golden arches, like a true influencer.

"I always say McDonald's has the best fries anywhere... mmm-mmm, tasty."

The post has led many to speculate about what Ford's relationship with the chain is as of late: simple devoted fan, or paid promoter.

"Curious is this paid ad, on public dime?" one user replied.

"Hey Doug cut back on the McDonald’s! Here’s an idea, support the small independent Canadian restaurant instead. Isn’t that what you are always preaching to us!!!" another chimed.

And yet another: "Disgusting you use government platform & the Office of the Premier to shamelessly promote a fast food corporation to pad their profits."

The videos follow some of Ford's earlier attempts at forays into vlogging, such as his pumpkin carving tutorial around Halloween or his contentious cherry cheesecake recipe vid, which indicate that he may just be trying to have some fun on social media amid trying times.

Though his motives remain unclear — neither the Premier's Office nor McDonald's Canada replied to blogTO with any further info — we'll have to wait and see what other quirky stuff he gets up to on socials, and whether it continues to feel oddly promotional.

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