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Doug Ford just filmed himself going through a McDonald's drive-thru

Ontario Premier and aspiring vlogger Doug Ford is back at it again with the fire social media content this week after unveiling his government's new colour-coded COVID-19 restriction framework on Tuesday.

"Stopped in for some McDonalds on my way to Minden," wrote the premier when uploading a short video to Twitter Wednesday afternoon, less than an hour before his daily press conference. 

"Today we have a great announcement on broadband and the locals are happy to hear it!"

In the video, we see Ford attempting to prove the latter assertion while driving through the fast food juggernaut's drive-thru in Minden, Ontario, where he laid on the charm for some giggly McWorkers.

"Oh, hello!" says one exorbitantly friendly woman inside the restaurant as Ford pulls up. "How are you?!"

"I'm doing great, how are you?" says a chuckling Ford, prompting the woman (who we later learn is named Sharon) to say "Oh we are just wonderful!" 

The two continue to exchange pleasantries as Sharon puts a sticker on a card and hands it to Ford, saying "Here! Play a game!"

All of the sudden, another woman in the background — a Ford superfan? A jealous fellow cashier? a corporate overlord? — shouts from inside the restaurant "Well how are you doing, Mr. Ford?"

Ignoring the fact that Sharon literally asked him the same thing like, 15 seconds earlier, Ford tells the masked mystery woman that he's "doing well."

"We're doing well, we came up here to make some great announcements for broadband, so everyone can get internet and cell service," said the premier to his adoring McFans. "So, it's going to be great."

Sharon then asks Ford if said services will come at a reasonable price, to which Ford blatantly lies (either out of optimism, ignorance or something more nefarious): "Yeah, at a reasonable price... We need it."

"Well stay safe, love what you're doing!" shouts the woman behind Sharon, now clearly jealous that her colleague and Ford are vibing so well.

Ford tells the ladies that they're doing a great job too, and drives forward, on to his presser where he did, in fact, announce that his government is investing nearly $1 billion to "expand and improve broadband and cellular access" in underserved rural Ontario communities.

The premier also fielded some questions about Ontario's newly-revealed, tiered lockdown system, but said nothing about what we all really want to know: What did he order for lunch from this struggling small Ontario business?

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Doug Ford

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