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Toronto's newest cafe is celebrating its opening with free drinks next week

Free drinks will be available at a new Toronto cafe that's having its grand opening next week.

Buno just opened in the St. Clair West area, founded by vets of Farenheit who once worked corporate jobs. They'll serve coffee from local roasters Java, Hatch and Omnia.

"We found our passion in coffee so we left everything behind and dived into the coffee world," Tony Taza, who opened Buno with Fadi Salib, tells blogTO.

Salib was previously part of an architecture studio, and Buno was actually his final project with them before he fully shifted to the shop.

"I got into coffee through a colleague taking me to Fahrenheit on a lunch break and I came back everyday," Salib tells blogTO. "I asked Sameer to teach and hire me and he did. From there I really enjoyed the process and learned everything."

Taza, on the other hand, had been working in brand management and marketing for nearly a decade when the pair met about a year into Salib's coffee journey. The two became the main baristas at Farenheit after both being hired and taught by owner Sameer Mohamed.

They decided to open a coffee shop together about two years ago, and on June 15 finally secured a space at St. Clair and Lauder, soft opening Buno on July 22.

"We were very interested in featuring different roasts from different roasters in and out of the city in the future. There's a huge spectrum in taste in coffee and we wanted to bring all that in for people to try," says Salib.

"We ended going with three different roasters, Java, Hatch and Omnia coffee, each bringing a different set of taste notes and roast styles."

They also serve tea, baked goods from La Bastille and Desmond & Beatrice, and sell home brewing equipment and bags of beans.

On Sunday and Monday, all drinks will be offered for free in regular sizes all day long.

While many cafes celebrate their grand openings with free drinks, they often limit them to a certain kind or a certain number of people. This coffee shop is starting off on a particularly generous note, so its future in the community looks bright.

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