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Toronto's buzziest new restaurant taking heat for posting photos of women

A new Toronto restaurant is used to getting a big reaction on social media, but one of their recent posts really caused a stir.

Recently opened splashy 5000-square-foot Greek restaurant Myth posted a slideshow to Instagram on July 29 with the caption "Express your personal style when visiting Myth and tag us with #MythMoments."

While Myth's posts usually get hundreds of likes they might only receive a handful of comments, and this post has blown up with nearly 100 comments.

"Post more pictures of the food pls!" one person wrote, the restaurant responding they post food photos to their Instagram stories every day.

"Lots of pretty girls but is your food any good?" asked another person.

"We repost our customers' content everyday in stories and this was meant to simply be a round up of some of the looks that tagged our restaurant," the restaurant replied.

Someone responded to that in the thread, "What a weird post… also wondering if the underlying message is that they prefer a certain kind of clientele."

Further down in the comments, someone questioned that statement, saying, "In your tags and your location tags - if I scroll through I do see some variety, men, couples, groups etc. Not as many - but still some choices. You knew specifically what you were targeting here."

Other people also complained they'd rather see photos of food, wondered why the photos were only of women and thought the post was superficial.

"You could LITERALLY only find a picture of ONE black customer," someone else commented. "smdh. I knew from the first pic it was gonna be all white/light skinned girls. I'll stay home. Thanks."

"Everyone needs to reel it in, the purpose of this post is to introduce a hashtag called myth moments," one commenter wrote, to which someone else responded by calling them a Karen.

"Yeah..we don't have enough contouring kits or show enough skin to enjoy the 'myth moment,'" one person joked.

Although some commenters didn't understand the post or had issues with it, others thought it showed off the ambience and decor and some commented fire emojis. People who had eaten there praised the food and cocktails, one person calling it "the best Greek food in the city by far."

The decor includes accents imported from Greece, hand-woven root basket light fixtures from Tulum, a mural by a local artist and an entryway with rocks imported from Thessaloniki.

One person whose photo was reposted thanked the restaurant, saying they can't wait to eat there again and that everyone keeps asking about it.

Myth declined blogTO's request for comment, but if the goal was to start a conversation, they seem to have accomplished it by trying to get this new hashtag going.

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim

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