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You can get an epic cake delivered to your door in Toronto every month

A Toronto baker who makes epic cakes was inspired to find a way to deliver them to doors every month during the pandemic by the way she actually started her business over 12 years ago. 

Lisa Sanguedolce of Le Dolci started out baking professionally by doing a cake box of the month club, and now has finally brought the concept to Toronto for the first time. The first members have just received their cakes.

"A cake club is how I started in 2008 in my tiny flat in the UK doing a cake box of the month club — baking all night and then delivering on the tube across the city during the day," Sanguedolce told blogTO, adding "I had more energy then! And was probably a little crazier, and have always wanted to resurrect that model."

"I remember busy moms saying the treat each month was so fun for the family to enjoy the whole weekend and the surprise was great. So here it is again, finally so many years later! Pivot, pivot, pivot."

Options start at six months for $240 or a whole year of cake for $480, and there are new flavours and surprise designs every month, often following seasonal themes. Cakes serve six to eight and are delivered the first week of every month from Tuesday through Friday.

"We want to expand to the program here for sure, to add cupcakes of the month, macaron box of the month and treat boxes of the month which will have the same treats as I did when I started 12 years ago," says Sanguedolce. "I dug out my old recipe books and treat box plans."

Sanguedolce's cupcakes are just as tempting and luscious as her immaculately decorated, joy-bringing cakes, so watch out for those future clubs. In the meantime, why not act like it's your birthday every month and treat yourself to a cake membership?

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Le Dolci

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