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Shocking video shows Toronto pizza maker denying service to gay customer

A pizza chain with more than 100 locations across Ontario is coming under fire this week as video footage circulates of an employee in Toronto allegedly harassing a customer for being gay.

The customer in question, Jeremy Mizu, filmed the intense altercation at Gino's Pizza in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood on Friday night.

Local LGBTQ rights advocate Rob Gill shared the resulting video with his more than 13,000 followers on Saturday morning, writing that Mizu had been denied service at Gino's Pizza "for being gay," and that a homophobic slur had been used.

"Last night I was called a f***ot and told to leave store because I opened the door and it was cold," wrote Mizu in a retweet of the clip.

"This is the worker after the manager had been standing up for him. Here he is calling me a f***ot and smirking."

In the video, a man wearing a Gino's Pizza employee uniform can be seen standing behind the restaurant's counter arguing with Mizu. The man points at the videographer several times, though what he says is not clear.

"Yeah, I can film here, I'm allowed," says Mizu to the pizza shop worker at one point.

"You are?" the Gino's employee responds. "Because you are a f***ot?"

Incensed, Mizu yells at the man and his manager for using the homophobic slur while someone off-camera attempts to calm him down. Someone else can be heard asking Mizu and his party to leave near the end of the clip.

It is unclear from watching the video alone how this heated exchange began.

"I opened the door once," said Mizu later on Twitter in response to someone who said that the staff member "was just pissed that he was coming in and out of the store."

"The Irish girls were with me and were telling the manager how it's unacceptable and we want a refund," he continued. "They did not give us said refund."

"But either way to call me a faggot several times for opening the door? Still unacceptable."

Gino's Pizza corporate agrees.

The company, founded in 1981, issued a statement in response to the video late Saturday afternoon and revealed that the employee involved had been fired.

"After being alerted to this situation by the Twitter community, Gino's Pizza management has been investigating this issue," reads the statement. "This was clearly a violation of our staff conduct policies and code of ethics that all of our employees must adhere to."

"We take this matter extremely seriously and as a result the employee involved has been terminated," the statement continues.

"Gino's Pizza is a supporter of the LGBTQ community and apologizes for the actions of this former employee."

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Rob Gill

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