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The top 10 new halal restaurants in Toronto

New halal restaurants in Toronto aren't just limited to your usual Middle Eastern eats. These days, you'll find deep dish pizza, merguez sausage poutine, and Chinese hand-pulled noodles, done Lanzhou-style—all 100% certified. 

Here are my picks for the top new halal restaurants in Toronto. 

Knockout Chicken

Kensington Market has a number of halal fast food options, and this fried chicken spot has just joined the fold with ridiculous burgers that are too stacked to eat. If your mouth isn't big enough for the chicken sandwich, grab a 6-piece order of wings instead. 

Centrale Bergham

Saucy subs stuffed with beef patties, beef bacon, chicken cutlets, and filet mignon are all halal at this takeout spot at Queen and Spadina. Their Maximum sandwich completely puts Subway to shame. They even do merguez sausage-topped poutine. 


Indulge in tava kebabs and koobideh sandwiches at this Persian restaurant on the Danforth. Don't miss out on an order of self-mashed lamb leg served in a clay piti, a popular dish from the Azerbaijan province of Iran. 

Bab Tuma

Head to Lawrence Avenue East for juicy beef and fried chicken accompanied with all the sides you'd usually get wrapped in a shawarma. 

Pita Boss

Chicken shawarma marinated for 48 hours, beef bacon, falafel dinners, and housemade fries make this Mississauga transplant a go-to Middle Eastern spot, now located in High Park. 


This Yemeni staple has been around since 2015, but they've only just moved into this sleek location in Mississauga, where the kitchen is cooking up unreal mandi dishes made with halal lamb and chicken from Ontario. 


This cozy homage to the Lebanese palace offers takeout and dine-in on the Danforth, with classic Middle Eastern dishes like halal beef kibbe, saj chicken shawarmas, crispy falafels, and lamb chops. 


The only joint in the city to offer halal deep-dish pizza, this Little Italy restaurant makes its dough fresh every day before piling on ingredients like beef pepperoni, chicken pesto and chipotle steak. They even do calzones. 

King of Lamb

As the name implies, it's all about the baby sheep at this Chinese halal buffet at Sheppard and Brimley. It's not massive per se, but you'll find options you won't find anywhere else, like skewers, crispy cumin lamb ribs, and BBQ whole lamb. 

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Hector Vasquez at Centrale Bergham

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