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Beiteddine is a Lebanese restaurant serving piping hot pitas and hearty Arab cuisine. Paying homage to the historic Beiteddine Palace in Lebanon, you'll find odes to the architectural wonder around this cozy restaurant. 

It's casual enough for takeout here— customers can leave with orders of shawarma plates and falafel to go, and maybe a container of housemade mouttabal—but nicely designed for a sit-in meal, too. 

beiteddine torontoThe restaurant is run by two cousins, Hassan Kamal Eddine and Mohammed Kamal Eddine, a former chef at hospitality institutions like the Sheraton in Qatar or Dubai's next-level-luxurious Burj Al Arab.beiteddine torontoThe only hint of Mohammed's storied old days here is an old photo of him shaking Nelson Mandela's hand on the wall. In all other aspects, the restaurant is as low-key as the menu is tasty. 

beiteddine torontoGetting the Chef's Sampler ($20) lets you try seven of the mezzes, which run between $6 to $8 per bowl, with a basket of hot pita. Herbivores will have an easy time here since nearly all these dips are vegan.

beiteddine torontoYou'll be served a pink hummus made with beets, an eggplant moutabal, tabouleh salad, a walnut and chilli paste muhammara dip, and a pair of meatless grape leaves.

beiteddine torontoThere's also tasty beef kibbe, which comes with pine seeds and onions inside, but the crispy beef sambousek might be my favourite, with labneh and parsley. 

beiteddine torontoThe Beiteddine Salad ($14) is impressive and daunting at the same time, with big chunks of mushrooms, beetroots and tomatoes on a bed of arugula. Big slices of parmesan cheese and pomegranate sauce kick to this feast of veggies. 

beiteddine torontoA saj chicken shawarma ($11) is better than most pita versions out there, if you prefer a thinner shell.

beiteddine torontoUnlike your regular hot counter shawarma, where you get to choose your fillings, the sandwich comes pre-set with garlic, pickles, and french fries.

beiteddine torontoFalafel can be ordered in a sandwich or plate ($12), and it should be noted these crispy staples are really good.

beiteddine torontoThe meats are delicious here, so I suggest getting a Mixed Grill ($21) for a taste of their beef kafta, shish kabob, and chicken tawouk skewer. 

beiteddine torontoYou'll get a side of garlic paste, with a plain and sumac-topped pita on top to lock in the heat. 

beiteddine torontoHighly recommended is a dish of lamb chops ($25), a trio of fatty pieces marinated with their signature Beiteddine sauce, a mixture of zaatar, oil, and yogurt. The babaghanouj beneath is smokey and chunky. 

beiteddine torontoTea is $3 per cup, and in groups, served in a teapot. 

beiteddine torontoTo round it off, the Umm Ali is a homey puff pastry dessert that could even work as breakfast. Made with milk, cashews, almonds, sugar, and coconut flakes, it's baked in the oven for a cozy end to the meal.

beiteddine toronto

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