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The top 10 restaurants for Tibetan momos in Toronto

Tibetan momos in Toronto might all seem quite similar, but there are a range of variables that make the dumplings served at these places different. Served smothered in gravy or with sauce on the side, all these restaurants specialize in momos but none of them are simple as they look.

Here are my picks for the top restaurants for Tibetan momos in Toronto.

Tiny Cafe

Like the name says this place is tiny but the flavours found in a menu of beef momos, veggie momos stuffed with spinach and paneer or vegan momos stuffed with tofu, black mushroom and veggies are big and bold.

Momo Hut

Momos can actually be found east of the DVP at this Danforth restaurant where beef, chicken, spinach and feta or lamb momos are shaped differently so you can easily tell them apart.

Tibet Kitchen

This pillar of the Parkdale Tibetan community with a patio serves spicy, steamed and pan-fried momos.

Himalayan Kitchen

Green veg momos, chilli momos and fried momos can all be found at this sit-down restaurant in Parkdale.


A mainstay of Little Tibet in Parkdale, try fried Amdo momos stuffed with beef, scallion and onion here.


This little orange restaurant in Parkdale serving Indian cuisine boasts a huge menu of over 80 items including beef, chicken and veggie momos. 

Yak & Yeti 

Bet you didn't know you could get momos just steps from Dundas West station. This place does chilli momos and chilli fries, too.

Garleek Kitchen 

This fusion kitchen in Parkdale near Lansdowne serves beef, chicken and veggie momos that are handmade starting with the dough.

Loga's Corner

This cornerstone of Tibetan food in Toronto serves a stripped-down menu of beef or veggie momos, steamed or fried.


This relative newcomer to the Parkdale momo scene serves beef and veggie momos alongside curries, noodles and fried rice.

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns at Loga's Corner

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