Momo House Toronto

The Momo House

The Momo House comes to us from the same owner behind Tibet Kitchen, though the momos here are different from any in Toronto. 

A type of Tibetan dumpling, the momos come smothered in butter chicken sauce, coated in kurkure, and topped with chaat, amongst other more basic and traditional styles. 

Momo House Toronto

Formerly home to Lhasa Kitchen (another Tibetan restaurant) owner Garab Lama made considerable changes to the space, including raising the ceiling, exposing brick and adding dangling light fixtures and plants. 

Momo House TorontoMomos are handmade in the basement by a group of local women.

Momo House Toronto

Encased in a rice flour wrapper, momos of different shapes have fillings of chicken, beef, pork, or veggies. 

momo house torontoChat momos ($5.25 for an order of five; all momos come in orders of five or ten) are essentially topped with the ingredients that make up chaat—an Indian snack typically made up of tamarind, dry chips and cream. 

Momo House TorontoOur chaat momos are filled with veggies, the toppings creating a contrast between crunchy, acidic and creamy. 

momo House Toronto

Butter chicken momos are among the more expensive options at $6.25 for an order of five, an ingenious fusion of Indian and Tibetan comfort foods I've never seen before in Toronto. Round, fluffy chicken momos are doused in a rich butter chicken sauce that stands up to that of any Indian restaurant. 

momo house torontoThe combination combines chewiness of the dumpling wrappers with the already harmonious partnership of the chicken and luscious sauce. There's nothing more satisfying than dumplings and butter chicken, and here you can indulge in both at the same time. 

Momo House Toronto

Chilli momos ($5.25) also take things up a notch, more like a momo stir fry with veggies and a sweet and sour sauce rather than the scant drizzle that might signify chilli momos at other restaurants. 

Momo House Toronto

Kurkure momos are also more expensive at $7.50 for an order of five. Kurkure is a kind of crunchy Indian snack, here ground into a coating for momos, combined with basil and adhered using egg. 

The result is a very crispy momo that actually ends up being a little easier to pick up and eat since it's not so slippery.

Momo House Toronto

Jhol momos ($5.25) are typically served swimming in some kind of curry, soup or liquid chutney—here, relatively thick and sesame-based, with a nutty, mild flavour. 

Momo House Toronto

All momos, especially the most basic steamed or fried ones, are best accompanied by some sort of house sauce.

Momo House Toronto

There's a chutney-like, slightly spicy tomato achar as well as a milder hot sauce, and a spicy tomato and red chilli based hot sauce (my favourite).

Momo House Toronto

Tone down the heat with butter tea ($1.50), which here is just chai with two per cent milk.

Momo House Toronto

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The Momo House

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