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10 restaurants in Toronto for affordable group dinners

Restaurants for affordable group dinners will let you break bread with your friends without breaking the bank. Bring the whole crew and enjoy a tasty spread while staying on budget. 

Here are some restaurants you can go to with a large group for a dinner that won't cost a lot.


Prepare to bump elbows and get your hands dirty at one of the city's favourite spots for Filipino kamayan. It costs a measly $15 per person for a beautiful banana leaf spread of garlic rice, seafood, and pork skewers at this St. James Town joint.


Head to King West and gather with your friends, German beer hall-style, to nom on artisinal sausages or duck fat fries for less than $15. You can also head to their location at Union Station to drink beers on benches.

Tibet Kitchen

Everything on the menu at this Parkdale restaurant costs less than $15, meaning you can get steaming portions of delicious Tibetan momos for the price of a single Viola Desmond bill. 

Golden Turtle

When it comes to pho on Ossington, it's either Golden Turtle (Rua Vang) or Pho Tien Thanh further south, but bigger groups will find more spacious tables at the former. Almost everything on the menu, from Vietnamese noodle soups to vermicelli cap off at $13.


There's plenty of room for big groups at this Korean fried chicken spot right across from Wellesley subway station. Dance to K-pop and gorge on half pounds of delicious flats and drumsticks for less than $20. 

Cho Sun Ok

Homey Korean eats are always good at this cosy restaurant in Thornhill, which serves affordable portions of naengmyeon cold noodles and kkanpunggi.

Blue Nile

Share platters of injera and tibbs at this stylish Ethiopian restaurant on Danforth East. You're guaranteed to get full off their generous combos of kitfo and alicha wat, which come up to just $15 per person. 

Rol San

Baskets of siu mai come for about $5 each, which is exorbitantly pricey as far as Chinese dim sum goes, but crazy cheap when it comes to dinner. Gather around the big tables at this Chinatown stalwart for evening dim sum, open until 2 a.m. 

Perfect Chinese Restaurant

Their service is far from exemplary, but it's hard to deny the amazing deals offered at this 24-hour Chinese restaurant on Sheppard Ave. East. Expect large groups of drunken post-partiers if you head there late at night. 

Lahore Tikka

Kebabs, aloo gobi, and pani puri come cheap at this sprawling spot in Little India. Spanning two floors, you'll have more than enough room to feast with your friends.

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Hector Vasquez of Lahore Tikka

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