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The top 10 fast food restaurants in Toronto

The top fast food restaurants in Toronto show just how little city folk are willing to compromise on good food obtained quickly. Though prepared in minutes and eaten out of boxes and wrappers, quality ingredients, traditional flavours and plenty of options are what make our best fast food awesome.

Here are my picks for the top fast food restaurants in Toronto.

Smoke's Poutinerie

Recognizable from the plaid and bespectacled smiling mascot decking out the exterior of every one of the multiple locations of this poutine chain, dozens of choices inside include poutine topped with pierogies, jerk chicken, butter chicken, or three kinds of pork.

Burger's Priest

Multiple locations of this cheeseburger joint whip up wildly imaginative creations like grilled cheese ice cream sandwiches and stacked chili cheeseburgers. All locals know about their "Worst Kept Secret" menu.

Burrito Boyz

A popular go-to with spots all over the city, there are a ton of options for nominal burritos here including ground soy, calamari, sweet potato, steak, haddock, halibut and chicken. You can also get your burrito gluten-free or "naked" (no tortilla).


Take everything you thought about fast food and run in the opposite direction with it at this super-convenient healthy restaurant that makes it easy to eat well with their salads, bowls and wraps.

Ma Ve Ma Kitchen Express

Locations across town play host to this fast food restaurant serving Mediterranean laffa wraps, salads and yummy dips.

Basil Box

Build your own healthful and flavourful bowl with ingredients like cold noodles, tofu, five spice steak, pumpkin seeds and Thai chilies at this restaurant with spots on Queen West, near Ryerson and York University.


Though Ali Baba's is everywhere odds are there's a Paramount somewhere near you too, and they give quick Middle Eastern a serious upgrade. Saj wraps and shawarma are reliable staples.

Naan & Kabob

Delicious Afghan cuisine can be obtained in a flash at one of multiple locations of this mini-chain, though most are in the suburbs. Kabobs are somewhat obviously the thing to get, with options like paneer, chicken breast and tandoori chicken.


Nutritious, balanced meals of rotisserie chicken and colourful salads are quick grabs for intelligent eaters on the go from these counters throughout the city.

California Sandwiches

When Torontonians just have to have a messy Italian sandwich with tomato sauce dripping down the sides, stretchy cheese and burning hot peppers, we head to locations of this old school Italian sandwich shop.

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Jesse Milns at Burger's Priest

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